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13 Ağustos 2011 Cumartesi

***Update: Disney Kills Johnny Depp's "The Lone Ranger" Film ***French Poster For Roman Polanski's Carnage Has The Stars Becoming Enraged ***Drive Poster: Ryan Gosling Looks Pensive In His Car ***Duncan Jones Taking A Break From Sci-Fi After His Next Film

Update: Disney Kills Johnny Depp's "The Lone Ranger" Film

Posted: August 13th, 2011 by Staff

Back in 2008, during the Disney showcase in Los Angeles, Johnny Depp came out on stage to "The Lone Ranger" theme song while wearing his Jack Sparrow outfit along with The Lone Ranger mask and gun. At that point, it was revealed that the studio is moving forward with "The Lone Ranger" and "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides," which Depp would both star in.

"On Stranger Tides" has already hit theaters, but "The Lone Ranger" has been struggling with casting, story and finding a director. Eventually, Armie Hammer was brought on to play the title role and Gore Verbinski (helmer of first three "Pirates of the Caribbean" films) signed on to direct. The studio even planned to begin filming in the fall for a December 21st, 2012 release.

But now comes word that Disney has officially killed the project due to budget concerns. This is very similar to what happened with "On Stranger Tides," when Disney told producer Jerry Bruckheimer to cut $100 million out of the budget. The studio asked him to cut a substantial amount out of "The Lone Ranger" budget as well, but apparently he refused and so did Verbinski.

Meanwhile, Disney is worried that a Western may not be able to earn back a massive budget and used "Cowboys and Aliens" as an example. Plus, it is currently involved in too many other high-budget productions. As a result, the studio, producer and director have not been able to figure out a solution and have decided to just kill the project.

Update: Variety says that Disney is planning to lower the budget to around $200 million and see if it will be possible to make the film.

Source: THR

Read more:

French Poster For Roman Polanski's Carnage Has The Stars Becoming Enraged

published: 2011-08-12 19:28:27 Author: Eric Eisenberg
It's been a long time since Roman Polanski directed a comedy. In 1986 the French filmmaker helmed the adventure comedy Pirates, but every movie since, from Frantic to The Pianist to The Ghost Writer has been a straight drama. This year that streak is finally broken with the release of Carnage and looking at the cast, which includes John C. Reilly, Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz, it should be fantastic. The movie isn't scheduled to be released until November 18, but today we get a look at it in the form of a Andy Warhol-style French one-sheet.

Posted by IMP Awards, the artwork wonderfully shows off it's four principal cast members in varying states of emotion and color. Based on the play "God Of Carnage" by Yasmina Reza and adapted by Polanski, the film is about two sets of parents who are brought together after their respective sons get in a fight at school. While their meeting stars out cordial, it soon devolves into chaos as the adults begin to act more and more child-like.

Check out the poster below or full size over on IMP Awards;

read more;

Drive Poster: Ryan Gosling Looks Pensive In His Car

published: 2011-08-12 17:08:20 Author: Eric Eisenberg
Between the buzz and the awesome first trailr, if you're not absolutely 100% ready and excited to go see Drive the second it opens then I'm afraid something might be wrong with you. Thrilling, beautiful, brutal and brilliant, Nicolas Winding Refn's newest will stay in your head for months after you see it. The film is still a little over a month away from its premiere in theaters, but today I'm happy to bring you the movie's newest one-sheet.

Posted over on IMP Awards, the new artwork is a fairly simple design: Ryan Gosling sitting in a car wearing driving gloves and looking out the windshield. While it's not exactly thrilling, I do really like the mix of green, blue and yellow in the poster, particularly the light coming from the upper left hand corner. The real cherry on top, however, is the font used for the title, which is also used in the film's opening credits and is just stylistically perfect for the film (you can't help but look at it and think Grand Theft Auto:Vice City).

Check out the poster below or full size over on IMP Awards;
read more;

Duncan Jones Taking A Break From Sci-Fi After His Next Film

published: 2011-08-12 15:30:44 Author: Eric Eisenberg
Thanks to the critical success of both Moon and Source Code, Duncan Jones has quickly established himself as one of the top-tier young writer/directors in Hollywood. Blending science-fiction with drama, mystery and thrills, the filmmaker has already established a following that hotly anticipates his next feature. But for those hoping that he would stay within the confines of genre for the rest of his career, I have some bad news.

In an interview with This Is Fake DIY, Jones revealed details about his next project and that he plans on taking a break from science-fiction once it's completed. "Moon was done at a tiny budget and we really squeezed everything we could out of it," Jones said. "Source Code was a chance to work on a bigger budget with name actors, but on a project that wasn't my own. Hopefully, this third film will be the kind of sci-fi I want to make, on a budget where I can afford to do it as I see it in my head. After that, I'll change genres." That said, it appears that he plans on going out with a bang instead of a whimper as he has apparently traveled to New Zealand to talk special effects with the folks at WETA, the design studio behind the Lord of the Rings films and Rise of the Planet of the Apes. While he didn't specify exactly what he's been working on and suggested that it's not a done deal, he had nothing but high praise for the outfit, saying "They're the best in the world, and when you get the chance to meet them, and see how they do it, it's not just a company - they have a community of people who love film, and are amazing at it. I feel I would be privileged to get the chance to work with WETA so hopefully that will happen."  ......... read more;

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