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17 Ağustos 2011 Çarşamba

***First Trailer and Poster for PUNCTURE Starring Chris Evans ***THE HELP Director Tate Taylor in Talks to Adapt PEACE LIKE A RIVER ***Matthew McConaughey Joins Steven Soderbergh’s Stripper Film MAGIC MIKE ***Dakota Fanning to Star in Emma Thompson-Scripted EFFIE ***Rosemarie DeWitt Joins Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

THE HELP Director Tate Taylor in Talks to Adapt PEACE LIKE A RIVER

by Brendan Bettinger    Posted: August 16th, 2011

The Help is doing very well at the box office in its first week.  Writer/director Tate Taylor has perhaps the most to gain from the success, since this is just his second feature (and the first with any kind of profile).  The Help studio DreamWorks wants to keep him in house for a partnership with Warner Bros. and Plan B to adapt Leif Enger’s novel Peace Like a RiverTHR reports Taylor is in early negotiations to direct, and I imagine his asking price is higher than the last time around.
Warner Bros. and Plan B have spent the last several years trying to adapt Peace Like a River.  Taylor’s involvement would advance the project, though as a hot director, he’s said to be considering several scripts for his follow-up.  The book is narrated by 11-year-old Reuben Land, who travels with his sister and father across the Midwest in 1962 to find his fugitive brother.  Read the full synopsis after the jump.

First Trailer and Poster for PUNCTURE Starring Chris Evans

by Brendan Bettinger   Posted: August 16th, 2011

And you thought Matthew McConaughey was an unconventional lawyer in The Lincoln Lawyer!  He was barely even shirtless in that movie, and when he was, there were no suspenders involved*.  That’s how we’re introduced to Chris Evans’ character in the new trailer for Puncture: shirtless, tattooed, white pants, red tie, black suspenders.  The rest of the clip dives into your typical legal thriller fare, punctuated by the thousandth use of “Lux Aeterna” in a trailer.  But Evans is a charismatic guy, the kind of actor who makes a showcase of a character described as “a talented young Houston lawyer and a functioning drug addict.”
One source lists September 23 for the date of release, a quick turnaround that fits with the realization, “Hey, this movie stars Captain America!”  Brothers Adam and Mark Kassen co-directed the feature; Kassen also co-stars alongside Vinessa Shaw and Brett Cullen.  Hit the jump for the trailer, poster, and official synopsis.

Matthew McConaughey Joins Steven Soderbergh’s Stripper Film MAGIC MIKE

by Adam Chitwood   Posted: August 16th, 2011

Always on the lookout for opportunities to bare his man-chest, the perpetually shirtless Matthew McConaughey has decided to lend his torso to Steven Soderbergh’s male-stripper movie Magic Mike. Showblitz reports that McConaughey is poised to join Channing Tatum and Alex Pettyfer in the semi-biographical tale about Tatum’s days as a professional clothes taker-offer in Tampa.
McConaughey will play a former exotic dancer who now owns the club “Xquisite” where Tatum’s title character works. Tatum takes Pettyfer’s character under his wing and mentors him in the fine art of naked dancing. While the premise is a bit strange, Soberbergh always keeps things interesting so I’m intrigued to see what it was about this project that peaked his interest. The director has become extremely prolific as of late, with Contagion opening this October, Haywire hitting theaters in January, and plans to shoot The Man from U.N.C.L.E and Liberace after he wraps Magic Mike. Following this string of extremely varied films, the director may or may not be retiring.

Dakota Fanning to Star in Emma Thompson-Scripted EFFIE

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: August 16th, 2011

It looks like Emma Thompson’s long-in-development biopic Effie is finally gearing up for production. Thompson wrote the original script, which is a biopic of Effie Gray and centers on her doomed marriage to art critic John Ruskin in 1840’s London. Despite her beauty, Ruskin didn’t consummate the marriage and the devastated Gray eventually fell in love with Ruskin’s protégé, painter John Everett Milias. Deadline reports that Dakota Fanning will star in the title role, taking a part that was previously circled by Carey Mulligan and Saorsie Ronan.
Greg Wise (who is Thompson’s husband) will play Ruskin, and it appears that Tom Sturridge (Pirate Radio) will be playing Milias instead of previously mentioned Orlando Bloom. Rounding out the cast is Julie Walters and Derek Jacobi as Ruskin’s parents, Thompson as Lady Eastlake, the woman who takes the suffering Effie under her wing, and Edward Fox is in talks to play Eastlake’s husband. Production is set to begin October 17th in Scotland, London and Venice. Richard Laxton (An Englishman in New York) is directing. ............... more;

Rosemarie DeWitt Joins Ben Stiller and Vince Vaughn in NEIGHBORHOOD WATCH

by Jeff Ames    Posted: August 16th, 2011

While nothing is as exciting as hearing the plot synopsis for the planned Arrested Development movie (yeah, I’m a fan), I’ll admit I’m more than a little intrigued by the Ben Stiller/Vince Vaughn team-up Neighborhood Watch. The project has long been in development hell, but recently the pieces have been falling into place. The latest bit of news comes courtesy of THR who report that Rosemarie DeWitt has joined the Akiva Schaffer (Hot Rod) directed comedy, and is set to play Stiller’s wife.
The film centers on a group of dads who use a “Neighborhood Watch” group as an excuse to be away from their families. However, things go amiss when they uncover a plot to destroy the world. DeWitt was recently seen on Showtime’s The United States of Tara, and has starred in such films as Rachel Getting Married and The Company Men. The actress has a full slate of projects in production, including the upcoming The Odd Life of Timothy Green. .......... more;

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