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30 Temmuz 2011 Cumartesi

***The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Set Photos ***Adam Sandler Gives Three Men and a Baby Remake a Polyamory Spin? ***First Trailer For The George Lucas Produced Red Tails ***The Descendants Photo Featuring George Clooney

The Dark Knight Rises Pittsburgh Set Photos

Jul 29, 2011 by Brian Gallagher
Last night we reported that the highly-anticipated superhero sequel The Dark Knight Rises has started shooting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with the shoot scheduled to run in the Steel City through August 20. Today we have some new photos of sets being used in Pittsburgh for The Dark Knight Rises. Click on any of these new photos below to access our growing gallery for The Dark Knight Rises.
The Dark Knight Rises Pennsylvania Set Photo #1The Dark Knight Rises Pennsylvania Set Photo #5

.......... more;

First Trailer For The George Lucas Produced Red Tails
published: 2011-07-29 10:47:04 Author: Katey Rich

After years of production and a handful of delays, the George Lucas-produced World War II film Red Tails is finally set for release January 20 next year, and has the trailer to prove it. It debuted at Yahoo! Movies today, and you can also watch it below for some inspirational speeches from Terrence Howard, some pretty dazzling looking aerial dogfights, and a lot of soaring music to get you through the lunch hour. Take a look below:
You can see the Lucasfilm influence pretty clearly in all those air fights, which look as impressive as any I've ever seen. But in a trailer that's operating with such broad strokes, it's hard to get a sense of the movie that might actually lie within. From what we've seen here I'm afraid this is one of those movies about a historic event that consists of people standing around and talking about how historic it is, every single scene focusing on how these black men had to overcome adversity and prove their courage in order to fight for their country. It's an inspirational story worth telling, sure, but you need a little bit more nuance in there for a two-hour movie to be worth sitting through. Is Terrence Howard playing a character or just a vehicle for forward-thinking rhetoric about courage and overcoming prejudice? I know the trailer is going to automatically emphasize the inspirational moments, but it's still kind of hard to tell here.

Still, with a cast that includes Howard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Bryan Cranston and up-and-comers like Brandon T. Jackson and Nate Parker, it's probably worth overlooking Red Tails' dismal release date and troublesome delays to check it out. Even if it's not that great, it can't be worse than most of the other modern movies to bear the Lucasfilm logo. Right? God, let's hope I'm right.

Adam Sandler Gives Three Men and a Baby Remake a Polyamory Spin?

Jul 29, 2011 by B. Alan Orange

Did Adam Sandler not learn anything from I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry? Aiming to go even more lowbrow than his upcoming Jack and Jill, the comedian is toying with the idea of remaking Three Men and a Baby. Only now, the swinging bachelor trio who become the protective guardians of an infant will be a polyamorous gay couple played by David Spade, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider.

Walt Disney Pictures has been sitting on a remake of Three Men and a Baby for a while. In 2009, a reboot of the franchise was rumored with a cast that included Zac Efron, Jonah Hill, and Justin Long in the parts originated by Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson.

There has also long been talk of a proper sequel called Three Men and a Bride, which would reunite the original cast for a wedding. Both the sequel and the remake have stalled, but insiders at Disney, the company behind Adam Sandler's Bedtime Stories, say that the studio is eager to work with him again, and this may be his next producing gig after starring in I Hate You Dad and lending his voice to Hotel Transylvania.

Adam Sandler will not appear in Three Men and a Baby, but will likely have a cameo. He will have a heavy hand in getting it to the screen, though, playing the same role he played in getting Nick Swardson's Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star made.

Adam Sandler is said to have gotten the polyamory spin idea from an episode of MTV's Real Life, which focused on three gay men attempting to bring a forth person into their relationship. David Spade, Chris Rock, and Rob Schneider, who all last appeared together in Adam Sandler's Grown Ups, are said to like the idea, and they may contribute to the screenplay as well.

Three Men and a Baby was released November 25th, 1987 and stars Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, Ted Danson, Nancy Travis, Margaret Colin, Alexandra Amini, Francine Beers, Lisa Blair. The film is directed by Leonard Nimoy.

The Descendants Photo Featuring George Clooney

Jul 29, 2011 by Brian Gallagher

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