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4 Haziran 2011 Cumartesi

***Ryan Gosling Won't Direct The Idolmaker Remake-- He's Just Too Busy ***Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser And Craig Robinson Will Revive The 60s In Freaky Deaky ***Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum: 'The Vow' Trailer!

Ryan Gosling Won't Direct The Idolmaker Remake-- He's Just Too Busy

published: 2011-06-03 09:26:12 Author: Katey Rich
It wasn't even a month ago that we reported Ryan Gosling would make his directorial debut with The Idolmaker a remake of the 1980 film about a music producer who turns a saxophone player into a star. Gosling was plenty busy at the time, as we pointed out then, with commitments to projects ranging from the small-scale crime drama The Place Beyond The Pines to a remake of Logan's Run. Now Gosling has apparently gotten the memo that he's a little too busy for his own good, and according to Deadline let MGM know that he won't be able to direct The Idolmaker after all.

The change may have happened because Bradley Cooper has confirmed he'll join Gosling in Pines, meaning that project can go ahead and shoot this summer under Gosling's Blue Valentine director Derek Cianfrance. From there Gosling will star along with Sean Penn and Josh Brolin in the period crime drama Gangster Quad, and at some point he does have to run away from the futuristic authorities in the Logan's Run remake. MGM is going to keep developing Idolmaker and hope that Gosling might return to work on it, but given how wide-ranging the guy's interests are who knows when he might come back. With his Cannes hit Drive coming at some point this year, and also a turn in the rom-com Crazy Stupid Love this summer, Gosling keeps bolstering his reputation as one of the most interesting actors working today. He's just not going to add "director" to that description any time soon.

Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser And Craig Robinson Will Revive The 60s In Freaky Deaky

published: 2011-06-03 08:19:22 Author: Katey Rich
Elmore Leonard's clever crime novels have made for some terrific movies over the years, including the great 90s triumvirate of Get Shorty, Out of Sight and Jackie Brown. He's even the godfather of the current FX series Justified, having created the character Raylan Givens that Timothy Olyphant plays. The last Leonard novel to be adapted into a film was the virtually unseen 2009 film Killshot, but he's giving it a go again with an adaptation of Freaky Deaky , a crime story that just bulked up its cast.

According to Variety Matt Dillon, Brendan Fraser and Craig Robinson will all join William H. Macy in the film, about two ex-hippies who concoct a plot to build some bombs and scare a Hollywood producer out of his cash. Fraser will be playing one of the hippies, who now works as a pyrotechnics expert, and Macy will play the mogul with the delicious name of Woody Ricks. Robinson will play a former Black Panther who works with the mogul, while Dillon, ever in hero mode, plays the square-jawed LAPD bomb squad officer who discovers the plot. The film is being direct, producer and adapted by Charles Matthau, founder of The Matthau Company and, indeed, son of Walter Matthau; his directing credits go all the way back to 1988's Doin' Time on Planet Earth.

They'll be changing a few details of Freaky Deaky such as shifting the time setting from the late 80s to 1974, a change Leonard himself approved of. Rights to the novel had at various point been in the hands of Quentin Tarantino and John Malkovich, and it's hard to know what to expect out of this one, though also hard to argue with this motley assortment of character actors who typically liven up every film they're in. Production starts this June in Michigan, once Matthau picks the woman he wants to play the female lead-- in the book, Fraser's character Skip Gibbs is working alongside female ex-con Robin Abbott.

Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum: 'The Vow' Trailer!

Rachel McAdams & Channing Tatum: 'The Vow' Trailer!
Check out the trailer for Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum’s new movie, The Vow!
Synopsis: A newlywed couple recovers from a car accident that puts the wife (McAdams) in a coma. Waking up with severe memory loss, her husband (Tatum) endeavors to win her heart again. Her former fiance (Scott Speedman), however, also enters the pictures and tries to win her back.
The Michael Sucsy-directed romantic drama will hit theaters Feb. 10, 2012.
WILL YOU WATCH Channing Tatum and Rachel McAdams in The Vow?

Nicholas Hoult Covers 'BlackBook' June/July 2011

Nicholas Hoult Covers 'BlackBook' June/July 2011
Nicholas Hoult heats up the cover of BlackBook’s June/July “Outsiders” issue.
Here’s what the 21-year-old X-Men: First Class star had to share with the mag:
On being watched onscreen: “There are so many people watching you. I enjoy the acting part. But then I forget that people are actually going to watch it.”
On his sex scenes in Skins: “We grabbed a couple glasses of vodka and some champagne at 8 in the morning, and we just went on and did it.”
On self doubt: “I still worry that I’m never going to get another job. Whenever a new film comes out, I always worry that it’s going to be the one people look at and go, ‘Don’t ever hire him again.’”
On working with Colin Firth in A Single Man: “I was doing my American accent, and Colin was doing his usual English accent, but I was letting mine slip. I remember thinking, Uh oh, I’m in trouble. But Colin is very relaxed and free, which made my job easy. There’s a fantastic subtlety to his acting, like you can read every thought and emotion that passes through his mind.”
For more on Nicholas, check out!
10+ pictures inside of Nicholas Hoult in BlackBook magazine…

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