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15 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

***Natalie Portman Welcomes A Baby Boy! ***Emily Blunt & Jason Segel: Kiss Kiss! ***Julianne Hough: Toned Tummy on 'Rock of Ages' Set! ***Eva Longoria Covers 'InStyle' July 2011 ***Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire' July 2011

Natalie Portman Welcomes A Baby Boy!

Natalie Portman Welcomes A Baby Boy!
Natalie Portman is the proud mother of a baby boy, People reports.
The Oscar winner, who turned 30 on Thursday (June 9), recently gave birth to her first child with fiance Benjamin Millepied.
The couple met while working on Black Swan and announced in December they were expecting a baby and getting married.
“I’ll be out of the public eye after [the baby's born],” Natalie previously told People, adding that she’d figure out future career opportunities “as it comes.”

Emily Blunt & Jason Segel: Kiss Kiss!

Emily Blunt & Jason Segel: Kiss Kiss!
Emily Blunt and Jason Segel share a kiss as they film a night scene for their new movie, Five Year Engagement, on Friday (June 10) in Ann Arbor, Mich.
The 28-year-old English actress and Jason, 31, filmed a scene taking place in winter and smooched on a fake snow bank that had to be fabricated for the film.
Five Year Engagement also stars Alison Brie, Chris Pratt, and Rhys Ifans. The film is set to be released next year.
20+ pictures inside of Emily Blunt and Jason Segel kissing for Five Year Engagement

Julianne Hough: Toned Tummy on 'Rock of Ages' Set!

Julianne Hough: Toned Tummy on 'Rock of Ages' Set!
Julianne Hough shows off her toned tummy in a cropped bustier top as she walks to the set of her new movie, Rock of Ages, on Wednesday (June 8) in Fort Lauderdale, Fla.
The 22-year-old actress was also spotted going for a run on the beach later in the week.
Julianne recently reacted to Reese Witherspoon’s MTV Movie Awards honor as the Generations Award winner.
“LOVE Reese Witherspoon!!!!! Good Girls do exist and CAN make it in ‘Hollywood’! :) Thx for being a great idol! And one of mine! :),” Julianne tweeted.
10+ pictures inside of Julianne Hough heading to the set of Rock of Ages and going for a run…

Eva Longoria Covers 'InStyle' July 2011

Eva Longoria Covers 'InStyle' July 2011
Eva Longoria rocks a Michael Kors swimsuit on the cover of InStyle magazine’s July 2011 issue.
Here’s what the 36-year-old Desperate Housewives actress had to share:
On learning about makeup: “I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup when I was young. I would melt crayons and try to put them on my lips, and I would use watercolors for eye shadow.”
On her beauty must-have: “Mascara is very important. If I were on a desert island, I would have to have mascara and lip balm. I’m naturally tan, but I like to use a bronzing powder or something to make my skin look shimmery.”
Her biggest tip for petite figures: “High heels. I love all designer shoes. There’s this pair in my closet by Versace, and they must be 8 inches - crazy tall! I once tried to count how many I had. All I know is that I just donated 60 pairs.”
On her future in television: “I hope Desperate Housewives never ends. I love this job. It’s so fulfilling. But I also love producing and being behind the camera. What’s in front of the camera rarely excites me as much as all of the magic of these people working behind the scenes.”
On her love life: “One thing I did learn is you don’t hold on to the bitterness of the loss; you hang on to the beauty of the love. Remember all the good things. There was a reason you met someone and a reason why you were together.”
For more from Eva, visit!
Bigger cover pic inside…

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire' July 2011

Jennifer Aniston Covers 'Marie Claire' July 2011
Jennifer Aniston wears an Ann Demeulemeester jacket and Gucci briefs as she graces the cover of Marie Claire magazine’s July 2011 issue, on newsstands Tuesday (June 31).
Here’s what the 42-year-old Horrible Bosses star had to share with the mag:
On what she spent her first paycheck on: “I spent my first paycheck on a vintage Mercedes. I was struggling a little in New York, working as a waitress at Jackson Hole but not really getting any consistent acting work. Then I moved out here to Los Angeles, and I started getting pilots and working pretty regularly. I still didn’t make any decent money until I got on Friends.”
On what she’d be doing if she weren’t an actor: “Maybe an interior designer. I love seeing a house and thinking about how it should be redone or restored. I spent a lot of time doing my current house, and it’s beautiful…It’s like a beautiful work of art, and I’m very proud of it.”
For more from Jennifer, visit!

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