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1 Haziran 2011 Çarşamba

***Halle Berry: 'Higher Learning' TV Series Regular? ***Jessica Alba: 'Spy Kids 4' Trailer! ***Elisha Cuthbert Covers 'Flare' July 2011 ***Zoe Kravitz Covers 'Asos' July 2011 ***Jamie Chung Covers 'Prestige' June 2011

Halle Berry: 'Higher Learning' TV Series Regular?

Halle Berry: 'Higher Learning' TV Series Regular?
Halle Berry’s next project could have her hitting the small screen!
The 44-year-old actress is attached to star in the upcoming TV drama Higher Learning, according to Deadline.
The series, which is being targeted for HBO or Showtime, would have Halle playing a college professor.
Halle is also reportedly starring in the comedy movie, The Skank Robbers, opposite Jamie Foxx and George Lopez, along with the sci-fi flick Cloud Atlas.
WOULD YOU LIKE to see Halle Berry star in Higher Learning?

Jessica Alba: 'Spy Kids 4' Trailer!

Jessica Alba: 'Spy Kids 4' Trailer!
Check out the trailer for Jessica Alba and Joel McHale’s new movie, Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World!
Here’s the synopsis: “On the surface, Marissa Cortez Wilson (Alba) has it all…married to a famous spy hunting television reporter, a new baby and intelligent twin step kids. But in reality, trying to mother Rebecca and Cecil, who clearly don’t want her around, is her toughest challenge yet. Also, her husband, Wilbur (McHale), wouldn’t know a spy if he lived with one which is exactly the case — Marissa’s a retired secret agent.”
Spy Kids 4 will hit theaters nationwide on August 19, 2011.

Elisha Cuthbert Covers 'Flare' July 2011

Elisha Cuthbert Covers 'Flare' July 2011
Elisha Cuthbert rocks a Herve Leger by Max Azria dress and earrings by Mawi on the cover of Flare magazine’s July 2011 issue, on newsstands June 13.
Here’s what the 28-year-old Happy Endings actress had to share:
On Alex, her Happy Endings character: “I’m more like this character than any other character I’ve played. Though [Alex] has an airiness about her whereas I’m more neurotic, more intense. I’m a pretty deep thinker.”
On her parents letting her move to Hollywood on her own at age 18: “They knew I was mature enough and not one of those wild children. This was my college experience, really.”
On making an effort to reform her shopping habits: “There was a time that I was splurging quite a bit on fashion but then I realized, I’m going to be broke! I realized I had to find a way to express myself without being covered head to toe in designer clothing. I mix it up now.”
On cheering on her boyfriend, Toronto Maple Leaf Dion Phaneuf: “I love to watch him play.”

Zoe Kravitz Covers 'Asos' July 2011

Zoe Kravitz Covers 'Asos' July 2011
Zoe Kravitz shows her stripes on the cover of Asos magazine’s July 2011 issue.
Here’s what the 22-year-old X-Men: First Class actress had to share:
On being called an “it girl”: “All that ‘it girl’ s— makes me kind of uncomfortable. I’m only at the beginning of my career, but I feel successful in that I haven’t sold out in any way, shape or form. I feel good about the choices I’ve made, and I don’t feel like I’ve let go of any of my values. Fame has become this obsession for people, which kind of creeps me out.”
On loving London: “We (boyfriend Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, and Nicholas Hoult) were living in London for four months and it was like X-Men summer camp, so we all hung out at each other’s houses after filming, went out to pubs…I lived in Notting Hill, right by Portobello…I’m spending all my money on flea-market shopping!”
On finding fashion inspiration from her parents: “I used to be a little embarrassed by how she (mom Lisa Bonet) and my dad (Lenny Kravitz) would dress…but now I steal their clothes all the time.”

Jamie Chung Covers 'Prestige' June 2011

Jamie Chung Covers 'Prestige' June 2011
Jamie Chung wears Halston on the cover of Prestige Indonesia magazine’s June 2011 issue.
Here’s what the 28-year-old Hangover Part II star had to share:
On how her parents reacted to her career choice: “Mothers will always worry about their children. It’s no different in my case, but I am grateful to have come from a traditional family. My parents are supportive of me and are very excited to see The Hangover Part II!”
On going out of her comfort zone:“I enjoy challenging myself physically and mentally with roles that push me beyond my comfort zone. I try to switch things up, whether it’s comedy, drama or action. I want to continuously evolve. I always ask myself: Can I make this part into something spectacular?”
Pictured below is Jamie doing some shopping at Superdry on Tuesday (May 24), where she tried on maxi dresses and a leather bomber jacket.
10+ pictures inside of Jamie Chung in Prestige Indonesia Magazine

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