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14 Haziran 2011 Salı

***"The Dark Knight Rises" Promo Image Appears Online ***"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Sequel in the Works? ***Trailer: Dennis Quaid's "Beneath the Darkness" Thriller ***The Weinstein Company To Distribute Madonna's W.E.

"Ferris Bueller's Day Off" Sequel in the Works?

Posted: June 14th, 2011 by Staff

Back in 2007, screenwriter Rick Rapier wrote a spec script for a sequel to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," called "Ferris Bueller 2: Another Day Off." And he's been shopping it around ever since.

Now, Rapier has updated his Twitter account with news that he's been able to get the script into the hands of some important people. "There is definite interest in my 'Ferris' sequel," he wrote. "Big name production companies that have first-look production deals with Paramount are reading the script. Your readers would know either their names or have seen movies they've produced, some of them classics. We have high hopes that one or more will take an interest, and that Paramount brass will go for it on their advice."

The script revolves around modern-day Bueller, who becomes a successful motivational speaker with the help of Cameron Frye. For more, you can read the first twelve pages of the script here.

While Rapier seems confidant that Paramount will take his script and develop a "Ferris Bueller" sequel, chances are it's never going to happen, especially since director John Hughes passed away two years ago.

Question: Would you like to see a sequel to "Ferris Bueller's Day Off"?

Source: Twitter, AVClub

Read more:

"The Dark Knight Rises" Promo Image Appears Online

Posted: June 14th, 2011 by Staff

The Licensing International Expo is taking place in Las Vegas, and the exhibit hall floor contains lots of images to promote merchandise based on popular franchises like "The Dark Knight Rises," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Men in Black III."

In related news, Variety has learned that "The Collector" star Josh Stewart has joined the cast of "The Dark Knight Rises." His role, however, is being kept a secret.

The rest of the cast includes Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Marion Cotillard, Juno Temple, Josh Pence, Daniel Sunjata, Nestor Carbonell, Matthew Modine, Tom Conti, Joey King, Brett Cullen and Chris Ellis.

Read more:

Trailer: Dennis Quaid's "Beneath the Darkness" Thriller

Posted: June 13th, 2011 by Staff  Trailer: Dennis Quaids Beneath the Darkness Thriller

Today we have the trailer for "Beneath the Darkness" thriller, starring Dennis Quaid, Aimee Teegarden, Tony Oller, Stephen Lunsford and Devon Werkheiser. Check it out below.

Plot: After watching their best friend get murdered, a group of teens struggle to expose a local hero as the psychopathic killer and keep from becoming his next victims.

The new movie is directed by Martin Guigui. No word of official release date, but IMDB claims it will hit theaters on October 31st.

Read more:

The Weinstein Company To Distribute Madonna's W.E.

published: 2011-06-13 14:48:13 Author: Eric Eisenberg
She may be one of the biggest recording artists of all time, but Madonna has quite the hit-or-miss record when it comes to the movie industry. As an actress she has some pretty interesting titles on her record, including A League of Their Own and Dick Tracy, but she also has disasters like The Next Best Thing and Swept Away listed on her filmography. Lord only knows what that means for her newest writing/directing gig, W.E., but now the Weinstein Company is going to help us find out.

According to a press release, the Harvey and Bob-owned production company has attained the U.S. distribution rights for W.E., which stars Abbie Cornish, Oscar Isaac, James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough. A two tiered story described as a romantic drama, the film establishes parallel storylines between King Edward VIII's relationship with American divorcee Wallis Simpson and a modern love story between a married woman and a security guard. Though there is no official release date set just yet, the movie will be coming out this year. Said Madonna about the deal,

"W.E. is about the nature of true love, and the sacrifices and compromises that are often made. I’ve wanted to tell this story for a very long time, and bringing it to life has been a great adventure for me. I’m looking forward to working with Harvey and The Weinstein Company on this film."
It's funny that the Weinsteins would be the ones to handle this their biggest film from last year, The King's Speech, also dealt with King Edward and Miss Simpson. Reading Madonna's quote it seems like they are going a completely different direction with that relationship, however, as The King's Speech kind of made Edward look like a selfish jerk who put his own wants in front of the countries. I also have to wonder if Madonna will explore the whole "pro-Nazi" thing. Something tells me she won't.

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