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15 Nisan 2011 Cuma

**Lauren Weedman Joins Judd Apatow-Produced FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT **Brand New "Cowboys and Aliens" Trailer **James McAvoy Thinks "Wanted 2" Won't Happen **Emily Browning's Creepy "Sleeping Beauty" Trailer **"Real Steel" Sequel Already in the Works **Casa de Mi Padre Trailer **Stake Land Trailer

Lauren Weedman Joins Judd Apatow-Produced FIVE YEAR ENGAGEMENT

by Adam Chitwood   Posted: April 14th, 2011

Actress Lauren Weedman (The Daily Show, Hung) has joined the cast of director/co-writer Nicholas Stoller’s Five Year Engagement. The impressive cast of the Judd Apatow-produced comedy now includes Jason Segel, Emily Blunt, Alison Brie, Chris Pratt and Rhys Ifans. The film follows a young couple’s (Segel and Blunt) extended engagement and the bumps and bruises that they undergo along the way.
THR reports that Weedman will portray a “hard-nosed head chef” at the restaurant where Segel’s character works. When we last reported, the film was expected to start production towards the end of April. No word on whether that’s still the case. This marks a reunion of sorts for Stoller and Segel, as the director previously helmed the Segel-penned Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Stoller’s most recent outing was Get Him to the Greek.

Brand New "Cowboys and Aliens" Trailer

Posted: April 15th, 2011 by Staff

Universal Pictures has unveiled a brand new trailer for the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens" film, starring Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford, Olivia Wilde and Sam Rockwell. Check it out below.

Plot: A spaceship arrives in Arizona, 1873, to take over the Earth, starting with the Wild West region. A posse of cowboys are all that stand in their way.

The new movie is directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man) and is scheduled to hit theaters on July 29th.

Read more:

Second Cowboys and Aliens Trailer!

Apr 14, 2011 by Brian Gallagher
The second trailer has debuted for the highly-anticipated summer adventure Cowboys and Aliens, which hits theaters across the country on July 29. Click on the video below for this all-new glimpse at director Jon Favreau's sci-fi Western, which stars Harrison Ford, Daniel Craig, and Olivia Wilde.

James McAvoy Thinks "Wanted 2" Won't Happen

Posted: April 15th, 2011 by Staff

It's been a few months since we last heard anything about a "Wanted" sequel. Now that James McAvoy is out there promoting several of his movies, IGN decided to get a quick update.

"I know that the script came out a while back which I don't think they were happy with," he said. "I don't think Angelina [Jolie] was up for doing it. That is kind of why she got herself killed in the first one."

McAvoy added: "I think that if you are going to go without Angelina then you need to have an amazing script and an amazing story. I think the studio is keen to make it, and we really want to make it, but we want to make it if it's right, and that might not be ever."

At this point, the actor believes a "Wanted" sequel has a better chance if it will revolve around a completely different character. He explained: "My worry was always that if we do a sequel, where is the character going to go? We hung our movie off this guy's life journey, and he's had that life journey now, so what do you hang the movie off? Maybe they'll do it in the future with a whole new kid - a new lead character."

Source: IGN

Read more:

Emily Browning's Creepy "Sleeping Beauty" Trailer

Posted: April 15th, 2011 by Staff

Today we have a creepy trailer for the upcoming "Sleeping Beauty" movie, which stars Emily Browning (Sucker Punch) and has little to do with the fairy tale. Check it out below.

Plot: A haunting erotic fairytale about Lucy (Browning), a University student drawn into a mysterious hidden world of beauty and desire with prostitution, where her specialty is the "Sleeping Beauty chamber," in which old men seek an erotic experience that requires Lucy's absolute submission. This unsettling task starts to bleed into Lucy's daily life and she develops an increasing need to know what happens to her when she is asleep.

The new movie is written and directed by Julia Leigh, and is set to premiere at the Cannes Film Festival next month.

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Sleeping Beauty Trailer

Apr 14, 2011 by B. Alan Orange
Emily Browning stars in director Julia Leigh's dark, dramatic contemporary retelling of the classic fairy tale Sleeping Beauty. The story follows Lucy, a young university student who is pulled into a mysterious and hidden world of beauty and desire. The first trailer has been released featuring the beautiful cinematography of Geoffrey Simpson (Under the Tuscan Sun), which you can check out below.
Sleeping Beauty does not have a stateside release date at this time. The movie will play in competition at this year's Cannes Film Festival.

Sleeping Beauty comes to theaters in 2011 and stars Emily Browning, Michael Dorman, Mirrah Foulkes, Rachael Blake, Hugh Keays-Byrne, Joel Tobeck, Tammy McIntosh, Henry Nixon. The film is directed by Julia Leigh.
Sources: New York Magazine

"Real Steel" Sequel Already in the Works

Posted: April 15th, 2011 by Staff

DreamWorks will release Hugh Jackman's "Real Steel" on October 7th, but is so confidant in the film that it is already planning to turn it into a franchise.

Deadline is reporting that the studio is moving forward with a sequel and has recently hired "Real Steel" writer John Gatins to pen the script. According to early screen tests, the first film is performing very well and has signs of becoming a big hit.

"Real Steel" is based on a short story by Richard Matheson and revolves around a prize fighter (Jackman) whose skills are rendered obsolete when human boxers are replaced by robots. The fighter becomes a boxing promoter and finds a discarded robot that wins and wins. The fighter also discovers he has a 13-year old son, who comes along for the ride as the robot heads toward the top against scary competition.

Source: Deadline

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Casa de Mi Padre Trailer

Apr 14, 2011 by B. Alan Orange
Will Ferrell, as part of paying off a huge debt to producer Gary Sanchez, was forced to appear in the Spanish language dramatic thriller Casa de Mi Padre. The very strange trailer for this sure-to-be cult classic is now available for your viewing pleasure. Click on the clip below, and witness what happens when one big named comedic actor has to pay a producer back for services rendered.
Casa de Mi Padre comes to theaters in 2012 and stars Will Ferrell, Gael García Bernal, Diego Luna.

Stake Land Trailer

Apr 14, 2011 by B. Alan Orange
Danielle Harris and Kelly McGillis headline co-writer/director Jim Mickle's vampire thriller Stake Land. The film follows a group of humans who must strike out and fight against a vampirism epidemic that threatens to consume the world. We have the first trailer and a poster for Stake Land, which you can check out below.
Stake Land comes to theaters April 22nd, 2011 and stars Danielle Harris, Kelly McGillis, Michael Cerveris, Connor Paolo, Adam Scarimbolo, Chance Kelly, Sean Nelson, Bonnie Dennison. The film is directed by Jim Mickle.

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