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14 Nisan 2011 Perşembe

**DEXTER Creator to Helm LOVE, SCOTCH AND DEATH Starring Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga **Drew Barrymore Talks Next Directorial Project HOW TO BE SINGLE **First Trailer for ABDUCTION Starring Taylor Lautner **Olga Kurylenko and Liana Liberato Join Aaron Eckhart in THE EXPATRIATE

DEXTER Creator to Helm LOVE, SCOTCH AND DEATH Starring Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga
by Adam Chitwood Posted: April 13th, 2011
James Manos Jr., who created the Showtime series Dexter, is poised to make his feature directorial debut with Love, Scotch and Death. The semi-autobiographical film was written by Manos and will star Michael C. Hall and Vera Farmiga. Deadline reports that the story follows a very strange week in the protagonist’s life. Hall’s character returns home from a stressful vacation to find out that his parents have died, leading him on a bizarre path where he encounters “an unsympathetic funeral director, his bewildered children and manic wife, an eccentric priest, and some over-sexed neighbors.”

Filming is scheduled to begin on the independent film this November, after Hall wraps the latest season of Dexter. Manos previously wrote for The Sopranos, winning an Emmy for co-writing the classic first season episode “College.”

Drew Barrymore Talks Next Directorial Project HOW TO BE SINGLE
by Adam Chitwood Posted: April 13th, 2011
Drew Barrymore is poised to make her second feature as a director (after 2009’s Whip It) with the adaptation of Liz Tuccillo’s novel How to Be Single. The romantic comedy follows the “love lives and break-ups of a group of New Yorkers over the span of ten years.” Barrymore recently spoke a bit about the project:

“This has a very wide palette that I really really like. I’m so interested in so many different types of people and lifestyles that there is kind of a lovely mosaic, like a little bit for everybody.”

The screenwriting team from He’s Just Not That Into You, Marc Silverstein and Abby Kohn, are set to script the film. Barrymore and Nancy Juvonen (who also produced He’s Just Not That Into You) will produce. Hit the jump for more from Barrymore, including why How to Be Single is not really a romantic comedy, and a synopsis of the novel.

First Trailer for ABDUCTION Starring Taylor Lautner
by Adam Chitwood Posted: April 13th, 2011
The first trailer for the action thriller Abduction, starring Taylor Lautner, has been released. Directed by John Singleton (Boyz n the Hood) the thriller centers around a young man who sets out to uncover the truth after finding a baby photo of himself listed on a missing persons website. While Lautner’s acting still seems a bit too ham-fisted to be taken seriously, the supporting cast is fairly impressive and some of the action sequences actually looked pretty cool. I understand Lautner’s desire to move on to bigger and better things post-Twilight, but the guy’s no Tom Cruise.

Abduction stars Lautner, Lily Collins, Sigourney Weaver, Danny Glover, Alfred Molina, Michael Nyqvist, Maria Bello, and Jason Isaacs. The film is set to be released on September 23rd. Hit the jump to watch the trailer.

Olga Kurylenko and Liana Liberato Join Aaron Eckhart in THE EXPATRIATE
by Brendan Bettinger Posted: April 13th, 2011
Since he was first cast in the spy thriller The Expatriate last November, Aaron Eckhart has become a bona fide action star thanks to Battle: Los Angeles ($105 million worldwide and counting). Appropriately, Eckhart will be awarded his own Bond girl for his follow-up. Variety reports Quantum of Solace siren Olga Kurylenko will play “a CIA agent assigned to track down her former CIA partner and lover (Eckhart).” Additionally, Liana Liberato (Trust) has been cast as Eckhart’s daughter. Director Philipp Stölzl is currently filming The Expatriate in Montreal; production will shift to Brussels in May.

Read more about the project after the break.

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