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8 Nisan 2011 Cuma

**Benedict Cumberbatch And Kelly Macdonald Join Joe Wright's Stunning Anna Karenina Cast **Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton: 'Warrior' Trailer! **Sarah Jessica Parker & Abigail Breslin: Mother-Daughter Duo **Saoirse Ronan: 'Hanna' Premiere in NYC!

Benedict Cumberbatch And Kelly Macdonald Join Joe Wright's Stunning Anna Karenina Cast

published: 2011-04-07 08:01:10 Author: Katey Rich
I'm a big fan of Joe Wright's newest film Hanna-- my full review posts later today-- and once again excited about the director of Pride & Prejudice and Atonement, who baffled me and many other people by turning in last year's drab and pandering The Soloist. To follow up on his new teen-assassin film Wright is moving back to classical literature, preparing to tackle Leo Tolstoy's Anna Karenina and assembling a dynamite cast to help him do it. Keira Knightley, Aaron Johnson and Jude Law are all confirmed for roles, Atonement co-stars James McAvoy and Saoirse Ronan are trying to make the scheduling work, and as Wright told The Playlist, two more up-and-comers are on board as well.

"Kelly Macdonald‘s confirmed, Benedict Cumberbatch is confirmed. I’m still waiting on Saorise and James," Wright told them yesterday. Cumberbatch actually makes this even more of an Atonement reunion, having played the actual rapist who goes off scot free when Ronan's character Briony accuses McAvoy instead. The British actor has been working steadily for years in all kinds of films you might recognize him in, and after appearing in last year's Four Lions he's got a huge 2011 lined up, with roles in Tinker, Tailor, Soldier Spy, Spielberg's War Horse and the Rachel Weisz drama The Whistleblower. Macdonald isn't doing too bad for herself either, stealing scenes in No Country for Old Men and leading herself to a lead role on Boardwalk Empire as the ambitious Irish immigrant Margaret Schroeder.

As The Playlist pieces the cast together, they've got Knightley starring in the title role, with Law playing her husband Karenin and Johnson her lover Vronsky. Once McAvoy and Ronan get their schedules put together-- he just had a baby, she's likely waiting to settle a deal for The Hobbit-- they'll be able to decide on this Wright reunion, and production is set to start in the fall. Even without McAvoy and Ronan this is a British acting supergroup for the ages, and if you're feeling wary about Wright after The Soloist, please see Hanna this weekend and get as excited about this as I am.

Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton: 'Warrior' Trailer!

Tom Hardy & Joel Edgerton: 'Warrior' Trailer!
Check out the new trailer for Warrior starring Tom Hardy, Joel Edgerton, and Jennifer Morrison.
Synopsis: Haunted by a tragic past, ex-Marine Tommy Conlon (Hardy) returns home for the first time in fourteen years to enlist the help of his father (Nick Nolte) to train for SPARTA. A former wrestling prodigy, Tommy blazes a path toward the championship while his brother, Brendan (Edgerton), an ex-fighter-turned teacher, returns to the ring in a desperate bid to save his family from financial ruin. But when Brendan’s unlikely, underdog rise sets him on a collision course with Tommy, the two brothers must finally confront each other and the forces that pulled them apart, facing off in the most unforgettable climax that must be seen to be believed.
The film, directed by Gavin O’Connor, is expected to hit theaters September 9.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Abigail Breslin: Mother-Daughter Duo

Sarah Jessica Parker & Abigail Breslin: Mother-Daughter Duo
Sarah Jessica Parker shares a chuckle with Abigail Breslin as the duo film scenes for their new movie New Year’s Eve on Wednesday (April 6) in Queens, New York.
In the romantic comedy, Sarah plays Kate, the mother of Abigail’s character, Hailey. Kate learns throughout the film that she relies too heavily on her young daughter for company.
Earlier in the week, the 46-year-old-actress walked around NYC with her real-life daughters, baby twins Marion and Tabitha.
Also spotted on set: Wizards of Waverly Place star Jake T. Austin!
10+ pictures inside of Sarah Jessica Parker and Abigail Breslin’s stroll…

Saoirse Ronan: 'Hanna' Premiere in NYC!

Saoirse Ronan: 'Hanna' Premiere in NYC!
Saoirse Ronan steps out in a Chanel dress for the New York premiere of her new film, Hanna, on Wednesday (April 6) in New York City.
Joining the 16-year-old actress was her co-star, Eric Bana, as well as Irina Shayk and Matt Bomer!
Hanna opens in theaters on Friday (April 8).
15+ pictures inside of Saoirse Ronan, Eric Bana, Irina Shayk, and Matt Bomer at the premiere of Hanna

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