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15 Nisan 2011 Cuma

**6 Character Posters for THE HANGOVER PART 2 **Jeremy Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter May Star in Mike Newell’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS **DreamWorks Begins Development on REAL STEEL 2 **Patton Oswalt Joins ODD THOMAS

Jeremy Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter May Star in Mike Newell’s GREAT EXPECTATIONS

by Matt Goldberg    Posted: April 14th, 2011

In February, we reported that director Mike Newell (Prince of Persia) had signed on to direct a new adaptation of Charles Dickens’ Great Expectations.  Today, Showblitz reports that Jeremy Irvine and Helena Bonham Carter are in talks to play Pip and Miss Havisham, respectively.  The role of Pip could be another huge opportunity for Irvine who is making his feature debut in Steven Spielberg’s upcoming drama War Horse.
For those unfamiliar with the novel, Great Expectations is about a poor orphan who is tormented by the manipulations of Miss Havisham’s niece Estella before being elevated to the upper class by an anonymous benefactor.  Filming on Great Expectations is slated to begin in fall for a 2012 release, which will mark Dickens’ bicentennial.Hit the jump for a full synopsis of Great Expectations.

6 Character Posters for THE HANGOVER PART 2

by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub    Posted: April 14th, 2011

Hangover_2_The_Hangover_Part_2_poster slice

Warner Bros. has released six character posters for director Todd Phillip’s The Hangover Part II.  If you remember the character posters from the first Hangover movie, these are going to look very familiar.  Saying that, if you ran a marketing campaign and your movie was the highest grossing R Rated film in history, I’d probably run the same campaign as well.  After all, I wouldn’t want to be the one to fuck it up.
While all the posters are good, the monkey poster that says “we love to party” is definitely the best.  It reminds me of the chicken and tiger posters from the first movie.  This is a good thing.  Hit the jump for the posters, click here for the trailer, and here’s all our Hangover coverage.  The Hangover Part II gets released May 26.

DreamWorks Begins Development on REAL STEEL 2

by Matt Goldberg   Posted: April 14th, 2011

Shawn Levy’s Real Steel doesn’t even hit theaters until October 7th, but DreamWorks is happy enough with what they’ve seen to begin development on a sequel.  For those unfamiliar with the movie, Real Steel is being billed as Rocky-meets-Transformers (although I prefer calling it Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots the Movie) and takes place in a future where robot boxing has replaced human boxing.  Hugh Jackman plays a former boxer who becomes a promoter and bonds with his estranged teenage son as they attempt to have their robot win the title.  While I’m wary of Levy (his past credits include the Night at the Museum movies and The Pink Panther remake), Steve was impressed by what he saw when he visited the editing bay.
Deadline reports that original screenwriter John Gatins has been hired to write the sequel and that DreamWorks plans to make new deals with Jackman and Levy.  Hit the jump to check out the teaser trailer for Real Steel.  The film also stars Evangeline Lilly, Hope Davis, Kevin Durand, Dakota Goyo, and Anthony Mackie.

Patton Oswalt Joins ODD THOMAS

by Matt Goldberg  Posted: April 14th, 2011

Stephen Sommers’ Odd Thomas continues to round up an impressive cast despite being based on a Dean Koontz novel.  The film stars Anton Yelchin the eponymous character who is able to see and partially communicate with the dead.  In addition to rising stars Addison Timlin (Californication) and Nico Tortorella (Scream 4), Willem Dafoe is in talks to join and now Variety reports that Patton Oswalt “will play Oswald “Ozzie” P. Boone, an eccentric artist who designs sculptures, including a steel pendant that the titular clairvoyant hero wears around his neck.”  Production on Odd Thomas is slated to begin next month in New Mexico.
Oswalt will be seen in theaters later this year in Jason Reitman’s Young Adult and the comedy A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas.  He’s also recording a new CD/DVD/Showtime special on May 14th in Seattle.  Hit the jump for a synopsis of Odd Thomas.

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