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23 Mart 2011 Çarşamba

**Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg Divorce in CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER; Lee Toland Krieger Will Direct **Zack Snyder Confirms That Viggo Mortensen Will Not Play Zod In Superman **Sony May Want David Fincher To Direct Angelina Jolie As Cleopatra **First Look At Roman Polanski's Carnage And Its All-Star Cast **Liv Tyler Won't Be In The Hobbit

Rashida Jones and Andy Samberg Divorce in CELESTE AND JESSE FOREVER; Lee Toland Krieger Will Direct
by Brendan Bettinger Posted: March 22nd, 2011
Andy Samberg (Saturday Night Live) has signed on to star opposite Rashida Jones (Parks and Recreation) in Celeste and Jesse Forever. The romantic dramedy centers on a couple that wants to remain friends following their impending divorce. Jones co-wrote the script with long-time actor, first-time writer Will McCormack. Lee Toland Krieger (The Vicious Kind) will direct.

Read what Jones had to say about the movie — which she compares to When Harry Met Sally and Blue Valentine — after the break.


Zack Snyder Confirms That Viggo Mortensen Will Not Play Zod In Superman
published: 2011-03-22 17:42:46 Author: Katey Rich
Poor Zack Snyder is out there right now just trying to promote his new film Sucker Punch, but inevitably any time he sits down with a journalist the conversation turns to Superman. Snyder has done a good job keeping mum about details for his upcoming reboot of the superhero story, but he did manage to at least do some damage control on a rumor that was already out there. Talking to Latino Review, Snyder confirmed that Viggo Mortensen will not be appearing in the film as General Zod, contrary to a rumor that surfaced in late February.

Even at the time the story was that Mortensen would likely have to turn down the role thanks to his commitment to Snow White and the Huntsman at Universal; while Snyder made no mention of that, he told LR "Viggo is not going to be in the movie let’s say that right now." Even if it's just to refute a rumor that didn't seem all that likely to begin with-- we're not even sure that Zod is in the movie, much less who will play him-- it's nice to see Snyder actually able to say anything about the film. Once Sucker Punch opens on Friday he'll be able to carry on in post-production in peace, and despite all of our best efforts to catch him at a junket, that's probably when the real Superman news will start coming out.

 Sony May Want David Fincher To Direct Angelina Jolie As Cleopatra
published: 2011-03-22 10:24:35 Author: Katey Rich
The Angelina Jolie-starring Cleopatra movie that recently had James Cameron and Paul Greengrass interested has set its sights on another high-caliber director. According to Deadline Sony is currently hoping that David Fincher will tackle the project, possibly at some point between finishing The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and its sequel, The Girl Who Played With Fire, which he's also expected to direct.

There's a lot up in the air about the movie right now-- Cameron wanted it in 3D, and it's unclear if they'll keep it that way, plus there are possible rewrites coming for the script originally written by Brian Helgeland. Jolie, who has been attached to the project from the beginning and would be the key element for its box office success, likely has final say in which director gets picked; given that Brad Pitt worked with Fincher three times before it's likely she'd be convinced as well, but still, that's one more thing to be worked out. And finally Fincher is a busy guy-- if Dragon Tattoo is a hit, they'll want him to move forward on Played With Fire immediately, which could make his work on this impossible.

Despite the fact that he's David Fincher and seemingly capable of anything, and that Jolie is as perfect an actress to play Cleopatra as there's ever been, I can't quite figure out what this project would be like. Fincher's only previous period film was The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, by far his least interesting work, and I somehow can't picture him photographing all the Egyptian pyramids and casts of thousands. Then again, if you want a Cleopatra that's as different as possible from the 1963 epic flop, Fincher might be precisely the guy to turn to.


First Look At Roman Polanski's Carnage And Its All-Star Cast
published: 2011-03-22 10:05:56 Author: Katey Ric
It's hard to even know what to say about Carnage, a film directed by Roman Polanski, based on a Tony Award-winning play and starring Christoph Waltz, Kate Winslet, John C. Reilly and Jodie Foster. All I really need to know is how soon I can see it, and start predicting exactly how many Oscar nominations is might earn. If you want to ramp up your excitement even further, though, Empire Online has the first look at three images from the film-- two behind-the-scenes, and one that looks like a still from the action.

The images aren't exactly like getting your first look at a superhero costume or Hogwarts on fire or anything, but simply seeing all four of these actors is kind of thrilling, no? Carnage, based on the play God of Carnage, is about two sets of parents meeting to discuss a schoolyard dispute between their sons; in the tradition of plays like Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? the evening goes downhill from there; as the New York Times review of the 2009 Broadway production put it, it "[takes] three or four smug, upper-middle-class characters and stripping them, with algebraic precision, to their lonely, frightened ids." What better actors to handle it, and what better director to guide them? Given that the film is currently in post-production, I'd make a strong bet on an Oscar-season spot for this movie later in the year.

Check out the three images below, and click them to see the full-size versions at Empire.


Liv Tyler Won't Be In The Hobbit
published: 2011-03-22 01:13:23 Author: Josh Tyler
One of the challenges of turning The Hobbit into a movie is that most of the characters from Lord of the Rings weren’t born, around the time this story takes place. That’s not a problem from a storytelling standpoint, but it probably is from the studio’s standpoint, since execs are always keen to bring in audiences by promising to show them more of the people they’ve already come to know and love.

One way or another they’re finding ways to bring in members from the Lord of the Rings cast into The Hobbit, and many of them have already been confirmed as participants. But one character, perhaps one of the few characters who’s actually alive during the time period involved and in a position to take part in the events of The Hobbit, won’t be back. Liv Tyler says nobody’s said anything to her about showing up in New Zealand to reprise her role as Arwen, and that makes her “kind of sad”.

While technically Arwen isn't in The Hobbit book, many characters which aren't in the book will show up in one of the two Hobbit movies, particularly in the second one which will use material outside of The Hobbit. Yet talking to Collider about The Hobbit the former Ringwraith-defeating Arwen says not only hasn’t she heard from anyone about it, she didn’t even know that filming had begun on the movie yesterday. Watch their full interview with her below, in which she also talks about Strangers 2, but mostly she talks about The Hobbit and seems sincerely bummed out that Arwen won’t be involved. Aren’t we all?

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