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3 Mart 2011 Perşembe

**Jonah Hill to Direct "Kitchen Sink" with Vampires, Zombies and Aliens **Sienna Miller Playing A Vegas Dancer In Just Like A Woman **Joe Wright Hints That Keira Knightley Will Still Star In His Anna Karenina **Zac Efron: Fan Friendly on 'New Year's Eve' Set

Jonah Hill to Direct "Kitchen Sink" with Vampires, Zombies and Aliens
Posted: March 2nd, 2011 by Staff
Jonah Hill (Superbad) is currently working on his "21 Jump Street" movie and is now making plans to direct "The Kitchen Sink" for Sony Pictures, which will be the actor's helming debut.

The script is written by Oren Uziel (new "Mortal Kombat" movie) and is about the unlikely alliance between a high school-aged vampire, zombie and human as they try to save their town from invading aliens. The script made the 2010 Black List.

The title "The Kitchen Sink" is a self-aware reference to the fact that the writer has thrown every known and currently popular movie menace into a story that is at its core a coming of age tale.

"It's more in the spirit of 'The Breakfast Club,' but you get an idea of the title in an early scene where two kids are running from zombies," said producer Matt Tolmach. "Those zombies suddenly are attacked by vampires. Just when they are all facing off, there's a bright light overhead. You realize the aliens have landed and these groups have to band together, suppress the urge to kill each other, and it becomes thematically the enemy of my enemy is my friend."

Source: Deadline

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Sienna Miller Playing A Vegas Dancer In Just Like A Woman

published: 2011-03-02 11:21:07 Author: Katey Rich
Algerian filmmaker Rachid Bouchareb brought his film Outside the Law to the Oscars on Sunday, nominated for Best Foreign Language film, but lost to Susanne Bier's Danish entry In A Better World. All the same, Bouchareb is unbowed; he's gearing up to make two English-language films in the United States in the next year, the first one to star Sienna Miller as a Chicago housewife who runs off to Las Vegas to enter a dance competition. According to Deadline shooting on the film, titled Just Like A Woman, will start on June 13, with Iranian actress Golshifteh Farahani and Roschdy Zem co-starring.

Miller, who's currently acting onstage in London, told Deadline that the director is "one of those people who understand the medium of film in a way that’s not manipulative but that’s honest and raw. As a director he’s capable of anything. The kinds of films he makes are the ones I like to watch.” After Just Like A Woman he'll start prep work on Belleville's Cop, a comedy starring Queen Latifah as an LAPD cop working opposite a French-Arab transplant, to be played by Jamel Debbouze. Both films are likely to be a lot lighter than Outside the Law, which drew protests at Cannes thanks to its depiction of the Algerian independence movement of the 1950s.

Much as Bouchareb seems to be a rising filmmaker to watch, I'm especially interesting to see what Miller might make of the role. She's spent a lot of time onstage recently, after a series of films that never seemed to quite live up to the promise people saw in her. But she consistently makes interesting choices in picking roles, and this oddball character might be the one to help her break out of the "tabloid fixture/pretty girl" rut she's been in for the past few years. For whatever reason she still seems worth rooting for.

Joe Wright Hints That Keira Knightley Will Still Star In His Anna Karenina

published: 2011-03-02 10:01:11 Author: Katey Rich
The word first broke last November that Joe Wright was collaborating with legendary playwright and screenwriter Tom Stoppard to adapt Anna Karenina, the Leo Tolstoy novel that has been adapted for the screen no fewer than 10 times, the most famous version starring Greta Garbo. Since last fall, though, Wright has been hard at work on his teen assassin thriller Hanna, starring Saoirse Ronan and coming to theaters on April 8. Now that that one's finished, though, Wright, is ready to set his sights on the future, and talked to about Anna Karenina, which he's hoping to shoot in the fall.

First of all, it looks like Keira Knightley will indeed be starring as Anna, as was rumored last fall; though Wright says he's "not sure yet" who the star will be, he also admits "it's fairly obvious" and "I'm loyal to my actors," and is only holding back because "she hasn't signed on the dotted line." Given that Knightley has starred in two of Wright's previous films, and is pretty much perfect to play the glamorous, romantic heroine, it's not too hard to guess what he's hinting at here.

As for the details about the project and Stoppard's script, which Wright calls "amazing," he says it will focus on both Anna's story-- about her affair and divorce-- and Levin's, about his attempts to woo Anna's relative Kitty. Oh, and the parts about agriculture that you skimmed over when you read the book in high school? Wright's ignoring that part too:

It’s a family drama. War and Peace was his big political drama and Anna Karenina, as he says in the first sentence, is about families. 'Happy families are all happy in the same way. Unhappy families are all unhappy in different ways.' So he wrote it to be read by the new emerging literate Russian population. Obviously, it goes off into analytical theoretical studies of the Russian agricultural system which I won’t involve in the script. But the actual plot of it is fairly simple and very emotional."

What Wright seems to be most interested in tackling is the fact that the Russian aristocracy of the period, where Anna Karenina is set, decided to adopt French mannerisms, going so far as to learn French at the exclusion of Russian. As Wright puts it,
The high society was quite French. They didn’t even speak Russian. A lot of them literally didn’t learn their own language so couldn’t talk to their own serfs, their own peasants, because they didn’t speak the same language. So the whole language issue is actually a really fertile one for that society.

If Wright gets moving on the project in the fall, we could see the movie as early as fall 2012, possibly in time for awards season if the film turns out as prestige-friendly as it seems on paper. After the disappointing The Soloist and Hanna, a fine movie that will definitely not be an Oscar contender, Wright seems ready to return to his period film wheelhouse from Pride & Prejudice and Atonement. With Keira Knightley as his Anna and Tom Stoppard adapting one of literature's classics, it's hard to image that this move won't work out well.

Thu, 03 March 2011

Zac Efron: Fan Friendly on 'New Year's Eve' Set!

Zac Efron takes a stroll in a leather jacket along the set of his film New Year’s Eve on Wednesday (March 2) in New York City.
The 23-year-old actor has been bombarded by fans his entire time filming in NYC, but he’s been a class act and has accommodated all of their requests for pictures!
Just Jared Jr reader Jaclyn wrote in saying “there were a lot of fans waiting by Zac’s trailer but he was really nice and took the time to stop for pretty much everyone who was there.”

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