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10 Mart 2011 Perşembe

**Director Joe Wright Talks ANNA KARENINA; Keira Knightley Will Star **Trailer for BAD TEACHER Starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel **Guillermo del Toro Confirms He’ll Direct PACIFIC RIM; Talks Future of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS **Bill Hader Says Andy Samberg, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, and More are Attached to THE HAND JOB – UPDATED

Director Joe Wright Talks ANNA KARENINA; Tom Stoppard Writing the Script; Hints Keira Knightley Will Star
by Matt Goldberg Posted: March 9th, 2011
Director Joe Wright is currently doing press for his upcoming film Hanna, an action-thriller which looks like a big departure from his breakthrough film, 2005’s Pride & Prejudice. However, Wright isn’t leaving the world of classic literature adaptations behind as he tells that he hopes to shoot Leo Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina in the fall. But how does he hope to translate the 864-page tome into a feature film? Wright says it’s no problem when you’ve got Oscar-winning screenwriter Tom Stoppard (Shakespeare in Love) working on the script:

“He’s done an amazing script which involves Levin’s story as well as Anna’s story. Yeah, Tom Stoppard is just..also, he’s so immersed in Russian history and culture and identity or lack of it.”

Hit the jump for Wright’s explanation of how he plans to make 19th-century Russian family accessible to today’s audiences and who he sees as Anna.
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Guillermo del Toro Confirms He’ll Direct PACIFIC RIM; Talks Future of AT THE MOUNTAINS OF MADNESS
by Matt Goldberg Posted: March 9th, 2011
This past Monday, we learned that Universal had passed on Guillermo del Toro’s adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft’s At the Mountains of Madness and there was much sadness in the movie geek world. Del Toro has now given an interview to Deadline and confirmed that with At the Mountains of Madness in limbo, he’s moving on to direct the PG-13 monster movie Pacific Rim for Legendary Pictures and he hopes to start shooting by September for a summer 2013 release date. But if you’re wondering what happened with Mountains, which charts an expedition to the Antarctic that uncovers terrible monsters, and where the adaptation goes from here, then hit the jump del Toro’s explanation.
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Guillermo Del Toro Explains What Happened To At The Mountains Of Madness, Pacific Rim Is Next

published: 2011-03-09 11:38:32 Author: Eric Eisenberg
Like many of you, I was upset to learn on Monday night that Guillermo Del Toro's adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's At The Mountains of Madness would not be moving forward and was, in the words of the director, "dead." Debates raged across the internet about whether or not it was understandable that Universal would turn down the project, and things got fairly heated. The truth is, however, that the whole story wasn't available yet. Yes, we knew that the attempt to make the film was unsuccessful and we had an idea of what was going on behind the scenes, but it was all only speculation. Now we have facts.

Deadline recently had the chance to interview Del Toro about the goings on at Universal regarding the project, and the Mexican director was more than willing to explain what happened. For starters, it would seem that the biggest hold up for the project was not the budget, but, in fact, the rating. Said Del Toro, it was Universal who actually set the budget for the project and it was a number that he was able to reach, but that he wouldn't budge when it came to the restricted label. But before you jump to the assumption that he wanted to pump the film up with blood and cursing, the reality is that he just wanted to make an intense film.

"I think the R should be worn like a badge of merit in promoting the movie. To say, this is not a gory movie, not a movie full of profanity or violence, but it’s a really intense movie. It’s all what you do with what you’re given."
Del Toro knew that the movie would have to be rated R when a film that he produced, Don't Be Afraid of The Dark, was given the same label despite including "no profanity, no sex, [and] no gore." While the MPAA could have ultimately decided to give At The Mountains of Madness a PG-13 label for the reasons listed above, the director didn't want PG-13 "on paper."

So if At The Mountains of Madness isn't next, what is? The answer is another epic monster film called Pacific Rim at Legendary Pictures. While Del Toro said that "God laughs as we make plans," the studio has confirmed via press release to Deadline that the director has signed on. Though he couldn't say much about the project, Del Toro did say, "The scope and imagination that have been outlined in it are absolutely appealing to [him]." The film will go into production in September of the this year and will be released in the summer of 2013.

So what of the future for the Lovecraft adaptation? Sadly it doesn't sound that great. The director has spoken with other studios, saying four or five of them have actually made offers, but they want to make the movie "the wrong way." In addition to wanting a contract with PG-13, they also wanted to cut $20-30 million off the budget, something he is unwilling to do. He has also spoken with proposed star Tom Cruise, however, who told him, "Let’s keep going, let’s make this movie down the road."

While I hope that someday a studio will be willing to take the risk and let Guillermo Del Toro make this movie right, I'm also not going to start holding my breath. As much as I want to see the film get made I also see it from the studio's standpoint. Let's just hope that Pacific Rim is awesome - and with Del Toro at the helm, there's a very good chance it will be.

 Bill Hader Says Andy Samberg, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, and More are Attached to THE HAND JOB – UPDATED
by Matt Goldberg Posted: March 9th, 2011
Steve recently spoke with actor and writer Bill Hader about his upcoming projects. One movie he might try to shoot while he’s on hiatus from Saturday Night Live is his wife’s Maggie Carey’s script, The Hand Job. The script landed on the 2009 Black List (a list of the best unproduced screenplays in Hollywood) and we reported back in October that Aubrey Plaza was attached to play the lead role of a 17-year-old who wants to learn about various sexual activities before she goes to college. Hader says that he, Andy Samberg, Donald Glover, Connie Britton, Alia Shawkat, Mae Whitman, and Johnny Simmons are attached to co-star, and if that cast doesn’t make you excited, then you must not recognize these actors by name. You should work on that.

Hit the jump for what Hader told Steve about the project as well as a more dramatic film he may do called The Skeleton Twins with Anna Faris and Mark Duplass. Click here for what Hader had to say about his SNL character “Stefon”, and be sure to check back later today for more of Steve’s interview with Hader.

UPDATE: Steve here. Just spoke to Bill Hader again and he told me that Chris Mintz-Plasse is now attached to Hand Job as well! Hope this thing gets made this summer.

...... read more;

Trailer for BAD TEACHER Starring Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake and Jason Segel
by Adam Chitwood Posted: March 9th, 2011

A few weeks ago, Columbia released a red-band trailer for the upcoming very R-rated comedy Bad Teacher. Today, a cleaner theatrical trailer has been released. It’s pretty much the same as the red-band, with far less foul language and a couple of added scenes. Seeing as how this comedy seems to be predicated on the fact that it’s really dirty, the clean trailer doesn’t really work as well as the red-band one.

Directed by Jake Kasdan (Freaks and Geeks, Walk Hard), the film features a stacked comedy ensemble that includes Cameron Diaz, Justin Timberlake, Jason Segel, Phyllis Smith, and Lucy Punch. Diaz plays a pretty filthy teacher who decides to whip her students into shape in hopes of winning a cash prize that she will put towards breast implants to hopefully woo the Timberlake’s “nice guy” character. Hit the jump to watch the trailer. Bad Teacher opens on June 24th.
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Green Band Trailer For Bad Teacher Cuts The Vulgarity, Keeps The Funny

published: 2011-03-09 18:45:15 Author: Eric Eisenberg
When the first red band trailer for Bad Teacher showed up online last month, it was hard to deny that 90% of the humor came from its extreme vulgarity. The film seems to be set up like Bad Santa, only instead of a mall and winter time it's an elementary school - and there's nothing wrong with that. Red band trailers are the perfect way to advertise a movie like Bad Teacher. It does, however, put a lot of pressure on the green band trailer. Luckily it seems as though this movie will survive.

Yahoo! has premiered the first PG-13 look at the Jake Kasdan film. In the film, Cameron Diaz stars as a gold-digging teacher who really shouldn't be allowed anywhere near kids. But when a new substitute comes to town, played by Justin Timberlake, she sees her ticket out.

Check out the trailer below or in HD over at Yahoo!
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