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24 Şubat 2011 Perşembe

**Warner Bros is Remaking "The Bodyguard" **"The King's Speech" Director Was Offered "Iron Man 3" **Patrick Wilson in Remake of "Loft" Thriller **Wolfgang Petersen to Direct "Old Man's War" Sci-Fi Film **"Soapdish" Remake in the Works **Chris Columbus to Remake "Hello Ghost"

Warner Bros is Remaking "The Bodyguard"

Posted: February 24th, 2011 by Staff
Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros is remaking "The Bodyguard," the 1992 hit that starred Kevin Costner and Whitney Houston. The original film grossed over $410 million.

The studio has already hired Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer to write the script. Their action comedy "Family Getaway" made the 2010 Black List and is also being developed by Warners.

"The Bodyguard" revolves around a Secret Service agent working to protect a singing diva whose life has been threatened by a stalker. The new version will still include the love story that follows, but will make the bodyguard a former Iraq war veteran who gets the job protecting the star as his first gig after leaving the Army.

He discovers that the world of Twitter, Google Maps and TMZ has made access to celebrities easier than ever, making the job more difficult than ever. The goal is to find a young female singer with global appeal.


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"The King's Speech" Director Was Offered "Iron Man 3"

Posted: February 24th, 2011 by Staff
"The King's Speech" is the favorite to win the Best Picture Oscar, which is why director Tom Hooper has been getting plenty of offers to direct all sorts of movies.

LA Times has learned that Marvel recently approached Hooper with the chance to direct "Iron Man 3." The helmer turned it down and the studio ended up giving the job to Shane Black.

Instead, Hooper has been considering directing "Les Miserables," a new, big-budget version of the classic novel and Broadway musical. If Hooper accepts the offer, it will be his first helming gig since he wrapped "The King's Speech" about a year ago.

LA Times

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Patrick Wilson in Remake of "Loft" Thriller

Posted: February 24th, 2011 by Staff
Patrick Wilson (Watchmen) and James Marsden (X-Men) are in talks to star in the indie thriller "Loft," which is a remake of a 2008 Belgian film. Original helmer Erik Van Looy will return to direct from a screenplay by Wesley Strick (A Nightmare on Elm Street).

The story follows five married friends who decide to rent a loft together where they can bring their mistresses. When the body of an unknown woman is found in the loft, they realize that they don't know each other as well as they thought and begin to suspect one another of murder.

Project is expected to begin production in the spring.

Source: Variety

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Wolfgang Petersen to Direct "Old Man's War" Sci-Fi Film

Posted: February 23rd, 2011 by Staff
Wolfgang Petersen (Troy, The Perfect Storm) is in talks to direct Paramount Pictures' big screen adaptation of John Scalzi's "Old Man's War" novel series. David Self (The Wolfman, Road to Perdition) is on board to write the script.

Plot: The hero is a 75-year old man who, having lost the love of his life, is amenable to trading his old carcass for a younger, genetically enhanced body so that he can combine the experience of age with the strength of youth and join an outer space military coalition sent to protect human colonies in outer space.

Inductees agree to leave their past lives on earth behind, and are promised land on distant human colonies if they live. Injured in battle, he's rescued by a special-forces officer who seems to be a younger version of his wife. She doesn't recognize him, but he's so convinced he has another chance with her that he abandons his unit and risks everything to be with her.


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"Soapdish" Remake in the Works

Posted: February 23rd, 2011 by Staff
Paramount Pictures has hired actor/writer Ben Schwartz to pen the remake of the 1991 comedy "Soapdish," about an ambitious TV soap actress who attempts to get the show's long-time star out of the way.

The original, produced by Aaron Spelling, starred Sally Field, Robert Downey Jr, Teri Hatcher, Kevin Kline, Elizabeth Shue and Whoopi Goldberg among others.

Schwartz just booked a role in the Showtime pilot "House of Lies," which will see him star opposite Don Cheadle. And he will be seen in the indie comedy "Peep World" with Michael C. Hall, Rainn Wilson and Sarah Silverman which opens March 25.

On the writing side, Schwartz worked on "Robot Chicken," and won an Emmy in 2009 for co-writing Hugh Jackman's opening number for the 81st Academy Awards. He has also performed improv and sketches at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre since 2003.

Source: THR

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Chris Columbus to Remake "Hello Ghost"

Posted: February 23rd, 2011 by Staff
Deadline has learned that Chris Columbus (Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone, Home Alone) has signed on to remake a Korean film called "Hello Ghost."

Plot: After a young man tries to kill himself, he's haunted by four ghosts. They won't stop haunting him until he helps each of them fulfill one wish.

"After watching 'Hello Ghost' I was immediately struck by the film's ability to mix comedy, drama and complex emotional themes," said Columbus. "Its strong universal storyline translates to any culture, and I'm looking forward to bringing a version of this wonderful story to the English-speaking audience."


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