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18 Şubat 2011 Cuma

**Blake Lively to Star in HICK with Chloe Moretz, Confirms She’s NOT in SEX AND THE CITY Prequel **Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric Join David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS? **Summit to Release Cancer Comedy 50/50 Starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt This September

Blake Lively to Star in HICK with Chloe Moretz, Confirms She’s NOT in SEX AND THE CITY Prequel

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: February 17th, 2011

Since her dark turn in Ben Affleck’s The Town, Hollywood has started to see Blake Lively as more than just a pretty face, and it looks like she’ll take on yet another dark role in Hick. Adapted from the Andrea Portes novel of the same name, Hick tells the story of young Nebraska girl who runs away to Las Vegas from her neglectful parents. Derrick Martini (Lymelife) is set to direct the coming-of-age drama, with Chloe Moretz attached to star as the young girl. Lively broke the news that she’ll portray the thirteen year-old’s meth-addicted mother. Kirsten Dunst recently signed on for the project, but it’s not yet known if Livley is replacing her or if Dunst is simply playing another role in the film.
In the same interview with ITN, Lively confirmed earlier reports that she will not be playing a young Carrie Bradshaw in a Sex and the City prequel, contrary to previous rumors. Hit the jump for the synopsis of Hick.

Juliette Binoche and Mathieu Amalric Join David Cronenberg’s COSMOPOLIS?

by Jason Barr    Posted: February 17th, 2011

The revolving door that is David Cronenberg’s adaptation of the Don DeLillo novel Cosmopolis may once again be in motion. C7enma [via The Playlist] seems to think that both Oscar-winner Juliette Binoche (The English Patient) and Mathieu Amalric (Quantum of Solace) have joined a cast that currently features Robert Pattinson and Paul Giamatti. Although details on their prospective roles are non-existant at this time, the report does confirm that Cosmopolis is set to commence its nine-week shoot in Toronto on May 24th of this year.
For those just tuning in, Cosmopolis tells the story of a newlywed billionaire (Pattinson) who loses his entire fortune (not to mention his blushing new bride) over the course of one really bad day. Prior to Pattinson’s involvement, Colin Farrell was set to star alongside the now happily pregnant Marion Cotillard in the film. As it stands, the role of Pattinson’s wife has yet to be filled (given her age, I would be surprised to see Binoche here) although previous rumors have placed Keira Knightley in that spot. Of course, we’ll keep you up to date with the latest Cosmopolis news as it becomes available.

Summit to Release Cancer Comedy 50/50 Starring Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt This September

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: February 17th, 2011

The long talked about Seth Rogen-starred “cancer comedy”, previously called I’m With Cancer, finally has a title and a release date. Summit plans to release 50/50 on September 30th of this year. This is fantastic news (via The Wrap) given the caliber of talent of the film’s cast which includes Rogen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Anna Kendrick, Bryce Dallas Howard, Angelica Huston and Phillip Baker Hall. Based on screenwriter Will Reiser’s own experiences getting cancer in his 20’s, the film was originally set to star James McAvoy in the lead role until the actor had to bow out for personal reasons. Gordon-Levitt stepped in to take on the lead after McAvoy left. Jonathan Levin (The Wackness) directed the dramedy.


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