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23 Şubat 2011 Çarşamba

**Amanda Seyfried And John Cusack Teaming Up For Thriller The Bullet? **Kevin Spacey Was Almost The Bond 23 Villain

Amanda Seyfried And John Cusack Teaming Up For Thriller The Bullet?

published: 2011-02-22 17:12:34 Author: Katey Rich

Amanda Seyfried's schedule is plenty packed these days, filming the futuristic thriller Now opposite Justin Timberlake, signing on recently for the kidnapping revenge film Gone, and getting ready to open her revisionist take on Red Riding Hood with director Catherine Hardwicke. But has she made room for one more movie in her lineup, to shoot in Boston this April?

According to Boston film production sources (via
Bleeding Cool) she has. They're hearing that director Patrick Alessandrin will be in the area come April to shoot The Bullet, which has Amanda Seyfriend and John Cusack on board to star. Here's the only information available about the plot:

"The dark thriller about a man only known as “The Clockmaker” who devises the ultimate plot of revenge against a seemingly random group of people by manipulating them to kill one another.

No word on whether Cusack will play the killer-- an interesting change of pace I'd actually be interested to see-- or just another one of the victims. Also no confirmation of whether or not the movie is as much of a Saw knockoff as it sounds right now. Both Seyfriend and Cusack have been known to make their share of garbage among actually good movies-- Cusack more than ever these days-- and Alessandrin's one major credit is B-13: Ultimatum, the sequel to the French action film that garnered relatively good reviews.

If the news is even true-- it's hard to confirm information on sites like this, and Bleeding Cool doesn't know anything more than we do-- we might have a bizarre Seyfried/Cusack pairing to look forward to, and also some questions about what was supposed to be Alessandrin's next project,
Ten with Bruce Willis. We'll let you know if we figure out more.

Kevin Spacey Was Almost The Bond 23 Villain

published: 2011-02-22 18:14:23 Author: Mack Rawden
Oh what could have been. In a meet and greet preceding a recent screening of The Usual Suspects, the always brilliant Kevin Spacey dished at length on everything from beating Rafael Nadal at ping pong to roles he narrowly missed out on. One of them, however, is of particular interest. Apparently, both Spacey and director Sam Mendes were particularly excited about the Oscar winner playing the villain in the upcoming Bond 23. His last foray into the seedy underworld, Superman Returns, may not have been the greatest superhero movie of all-time, but honestly, that was hardly his fault.

According to
Live for Films, it's Richard III that's at fault for Spacey getting cockblocked out of the role. The theater enthusiast is going on tour with the production right as Mendes takes Bond 23 into filming, creating an unavoidable scheduling conflict. When it comes to choosing between Hollywood and the stage, Spacey has repeatedly chosen the latter. Now, as a result, Javier Bardem, is the man we're all waiting for an answer from.

You may remember Mendes and Spacey worked together on American Beauty and that didn't turn out so bad. Hopefully, if the director's work with James Bond goes over well, he'll consider Lester Burnham for a villain role in the future.


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