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25 Ocak 2011 Salı

***New Trailer and Poster for THERE BE DRAGONS ***Seth Meyers and Jon Bon Jovi Join Garry Marshall’s NEW YEAR’S EVE ***Thomas McDonnell to Star in Producer Shawn Levy’s THE SPECTACULAR NOW; 500 DAYS OF SUMMER Writing Team to Adapt

New Trailer and Poster for THERE BE DRAGONS

by Jason Barr    Posted: January 24th, 2011

A new trailer and poster for two-time Oscar-nominated director Roland Joffe’s (The Killing FieldsThere Be Dragons have debuted online.  Featuring a solid cast that includes Charlie Cox (Stardust), Wes Bentley (American Beauty), Dougray Scott (Mission: Impossible II), and Olga Kurylenko (Quantum of Solace), There Be Dragons follows investigative journalist Robert Torres (Scott) as he attempts to uncover secrets from his father’s (Bentley) overlapping, and super-secretive, past.
As for the trailer, it showcases a bombastic score and beautiful cinematography coupled with what looks to be convincing turns from all sides (especially Bentley and Scott).  To check it out along with the poster and full synopsis, hit the jump.  There Be Dragons opens later this year on May 6th.
Here’s the trailer:

Seth Meyers and Jon Bon Jovi Join Garry Marshall’s NEW YEAR’S EVE

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: January 24th, 2011

Maybe it would just be easier to report who’s not going to be in director Garry Marshall’s New Year’s Eve. Seth Meyers and Jon Bon Jovi have joined the cast of this pseudo-sequel to last year’s equally star-studded Valentine’s Day. At this point, the cast for New Year’s Eve includes Robert De Niro, Ashton Kutcher, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry, Zac Efron, Sarah Jessica Parker, Michelle Pfeiffer, Hilary Swank, Sienna Miller, Lea Michele, Sofia Vergara and German actor Til Schweiger.
According to THR, Bon Jovi will play (surprise!) a successful rock star, whose ex-girlfriend (Halle Berry) turns up at the same party he attends. Meyers will play Biel’s husband, who’s trying to get her to deliver their baby on New Year’s Eve in order to win a prize of $25,000. The film is set to being shooting in New York soon, and will hit theaters on December 9th, which is not New Year’s Eve.

Thomas McDonnell to Star in Producer Shawn Levy’s THE SPECTACULAR NOW; 500 DAYS OF SUMMER Writing Team to Adapt

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: January 24th, 2011

Actor Thomas McDonnell (The Forbidden Kingdom, Prom) has been tapped to play the lead in director Lee Toland Krieger’s (The Vicious Kind) adaptation of Tim Tharp’s novel The Spectacular Now. The project has been gestating for a few years, with Summer helmer Marc Webb working on it before he went off to work on the Spider-Man reboot.  Variety reports that Shawn Levy (Real Steel) will produce, with the script being written by the writing team behind (500) Days of Summer, Scott Neustadter and Michael Weber. The story revolves around a wild, hard-drinking hard-partying high-school senior who starts dating a shy, insecure girl who ends up changing his life. Hit the jump to read the synopsis of the novel.
Here’s the synopsis for The Spectacular Now by Tim Tharp:
Unlike most high school seniors, Sutter Keely—the narrator of this smart, superbly written novel—is not concerned with the future. Hes the life of the party, and hes interested in the Spectacular Now. In stream of consciousness–style prose, Sutter describes his lurching from one good time to the next: he carries whiskey in a flask, and once its mixed into his 7Up, anything is possible. He will jump into the pool fully clothed, climb up a tree and onto his ex-girlfriends roof or cruise around all hours of the night. Without ever deviating from the voice of the egocentric Sutter, Tharp (Knights of the Hill Country) fully develops all of the ancillary characters, such as socially awkward Aimee, the new girlfriend who tries to plan a future with this quintessential live-for-the-moment guy. Readers will be simultaneously charmed and infuriated by Sutter as his voice holds them in thrall to his all-powerful Now. (Amazon)

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