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30 Ocak 2011 Pazar

***New Images from CEREMONY Starring Uma Thurman, Michael Angarano, and Lee Pace ***Will Adam Sandler Be a FAT MAN for Miguel Arteta? ***Sundance 2011: FLYPAPER Review

New Images from CEREMONY Starring Uma Thurman, Michael Angarano, and Lee Pace

by Brendan Bettinger    Posted: January 29th, 2011


Shortly after the poster premiere earlier this week, Magnolia Pictures has posted seven images for Ceremony.  Michael Angarano stars as a budding child ren’s book author who talks his former best friend (Reece Thompson) into a weekend at the beach house of a famous documentary filmmaker (Lee Pace): “It soon becomes clear that Sam is secretly infatuated with the filmmaker’s fiancée, Zoe (Uma Thurman), and that his true intention is to thwart their impending nuptials.”
Written and directed by Max Winkler, Ceremony premiered to positive notices at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.  View the images after the break.
Ceremony premieres on demand on March 4 before a theatrical release on April 8.  It looks great, so save the date(s).  Here’s the official synopsis:
Sam Davis (Michael Angarano) convinces his former best friend to spend a weekend with him to rekindle their friendship at an elegant beachside estate owned by a famous documentary filmmaker (Lee Pace). But it soon becomes clear that Sam is secretly infatuated with the filmmaker’s fiancée, Zoe (Uma Thurman), and that his true intention is to thwart their impending nuptials. As Sam’s plan begins to unravel, he is forced to realize how complicated love and friendship can be.

Will Adam Sandler Be a FAT MAN for Miguel Arteta?

by Brendan Bettinger    Posted: January 29th, 2011

In 2003 Columbia Pictures picked up Fat Man, a spec script from Mike Weiss (The Simpsons) about “an 800-pound man who drops 600 pounds with the help of a nurse he finds more appealing than a Happy Meal.”  Adam Sandler’s production company Happy Madison was set to produce, though Sandler had no particular intention to star.
Flash forward eight years: director Miguel Arteta is at Sundance promoting his latest film Cedar Rapids, and the subject of Fat Man comes up.  Arteta is not formally attached to the project, but he hopes that if Sandler “gets the gumption to do it” he will be the one in the director’s chair.  Hit the jump to read the whole of what Arteta had to say about the project.

Sundance 2011: FLYPAPER Review

by Matt Goldberg    Posted: January 29th, 2011

The films I saw at Sundance this year involved a variety of subjects ranging from hippies to shot-gun wielding hobos to cults to young love to hippies to puppetry to cults to euthanasia to hippies to Roger Corman to cults.  I didn’t think my first year at Sundance would close out with an inoffensive, innocuous movie like Flypaper.  A caper comedy that wants to be Inside Man meets Clue meets Ten Little Indians but never becomes a fraction as good as any of those movies, Flypaper still manages some laughs due to its manic energy, non-stop jokes, and the brilliant Tim Blake Nelson.
As a bank is about to shut down for the weekend, it is held up by two different robbery crews.  One crew (played by Mekhi Phifer, John Ventimiglia, and Matt Ryan) is lean, efficient, and plans to go for the vault while at the same time a couple of hillbillies calling themselves “Peanut Butter & Jelly” (Tim Blake Nelson and Pruitt Taylor Vince) aim to get the money out of the ATMs by using weapons-grade plastic explosives they bought off the Internet.  Caught in the middle are the bank employees and Trip (Patrick Dempsey), a neurotic customer who believes there’s more going on than just two concurrent bank robberies.  While each robbery crew runs into difficulties in their respective heists, Trip runs around trying to piece together a conspiracy he sees at the heart of this unlikely coincidence of dual robberies.  Why does he care so much about solving the mystery?  Because he’s neurotic and wants to solve the mystery and that’s about as much as Flypaper cares to explain its lead character.

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