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21 Ocak 2011 Cuma

***Clint Eastwood and Beyonce Know A STAR IS BORN ***THE SON OF NO ONE Trailer ***EASY A Director Will Gluck Is Producing a Remake of ABOUT LAST NIGHT for Screen Gems

Clint Eastwood and Beyonce Know A STAR IS BORN

by Jason Barr    Posted: January 20th, 2011

Clint Eastwood and Beyonce will join forces in the latest iteration of the musical A Star is Born for Warner Brothers.  With Beyonce starring and Eastwood both producing and directing Will Fetters’ (Remember Me) script, the film will mark the fourth time A Star is Born has graced the silver screen in the United States.  The most recent version was released in 1976.  That film starred Kris Kristofferson and Barbra Streisand and earned Streisand and lyricist Paul Williams an Oscar for best original song.
For those unfamiliar with the material, A Star is Born tells of a romantic relationship between an alcoholic star on his way out and a young female artist on the rise (in this most recent case, Beyonce).  There is no word on who might fill the coveted role of “aging alcoholic star,” however, Deadline poses that Warner Bros. might have hopes of pairing Beyonce with human-summer-blockbuster Will Smith.  A Star is Born is currently aiming to begin shooting this fall.


by Bill Graham    Posted: January 20th, 2011

The Sundance Film Festival kicked off today and while reviews/news will be pouring in for the next ten days, the trailer for the closing-night film, The Son of No One, has hit the Internet today. Written/directed by Dito Montiel (Fighting), the crime drama tells the story of two friends (Channing Tatum and Tracy Morgan) who must face the consequences of a murder they committed.
In addition to Tatum and Morgan, the film features an impressive cast that also includes Al Pacino, Katie Holmes, Ray Liotta, and Juliette Binoche. One of the more noteworthy aspects of the film is that Morgan, best known for his wild antics on the hilarious NBC comedy 30 Rock, will be playing the film straight.  While fans of him rubbing his bare belly may be disappointed, co-star Tatum told MTV, “I think Tracy Morgan is going to shock the world. Nobody has ever seen him do drama or anything like that.” Hit the jump for the full (mysteriously edited) trailer and synopsis.
Here’s the trailer [from MTV]:

EASY A Director Will Gluck Is Producing a Remake of ABOUT LAST NIGHT for Screen Gems

by Brendan Bettinger    Posted: January 20th, 2011

Writer/director Will Gluck solidified his stature as a comedic voice to watch with last year’s Easy A, one of 2010’s funniest true comedies.  So you can be sure I’m watching closely as Variety reports Gluck is attached to produce a remake of the 1986 Brat Pack romantic comedy About Last Night… The original threw Rob Lowe, Demi Moore, Jim Belushi, and Elizabeth Perkins together for an adaptation of the 1974 David Mamet play Sexual Perversity, about “a couple who start a romantic affair despite their friends’ disapproval.”
For now, Gluck is only on board as producer, though he’ll help Screen Gems select a writer and director for the project.  As a director, Gluck has the Justin Timberlake/Mila Kunis comedy Friends with Benefits due July 22, and will reunite with Easy A star Emma Stone for an untitled comedy.  Hit the jump for a trailer and synopsis for the original About Last Night.
“You know what your problem is?  Your face.”  – Jim Belushi
David Mamet’s play Sexual Perversity in Chicago was adapted for the big screen by fellow Chicago citizen Tim Kazurinsky and became About Last Night… The film stars Rob Lowe as Danny and Demi Moore as Debbie. The pair meet and engage in a torrid sexual relationship, but then slowly negotiate if there is anything more between them. Lowe seeks advice from his loudmouthed friend Bernie (Chicago native James Belushi), whose offers little more than outrageous tales of his randy exploits. Debbie confides in her best friend Joan (Elizabeth Perkins), a bitter, single kindergarten teacher who has lost any hope of finding the right person on the dating scene. Although Danny and Debbie talk, they have trouble communicating. [Fandango]

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