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22 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

***First Images from JANE EYRE and ONE DAY ***Red-Band Trailer for BLACK DEATH Starring Sean Bean ***First Images from THE LADY Starring Michelle Yeoh

First Images from JANE EYRE and ONE DAY

by Steve 'Frosty' Weintraub    Posted: December 20th, 2010

Focus Features has released the first images from director Cary Fukunaga’s (Sin Nombre) Jane Eyre and Lone Scherfig’s (An Education) One Day.  Jane Eyre is based on Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel and it stars Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Holliday Grainger, Sally Hawkins, Tamzin Merchant, Imogen Poots, and Judi Dench.  One Day is adapted from the internationally praised bestselling novel by David Nicholls and it stars Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess as two people who meet on the night of their college graduation (July 15th, 1988).  “For the next two decades, every July 15th reveals to us how [they] are faring, as their friendship ebbs and flows with the passing of the years.”
Hit the jump for the images and the full synopses.
Jane Eyre (March 11, 2011)
Synopsis: Mia Wasikowska (“Alice in Wonderland”) and Michael Fassbender (“Inglourious Basterds”) star in the romantic drama based on Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, from acclaimed director Cary Fukunaga (“Sin Nombre”).  In the story, Jane Eyre flees Thornfield House, the vast and isolated estate where she works as a governess for Adele, a child under the custody of Thornfield’s brooding master, Edward Rochester. As Jane looks back upon the tumultuous events that led to her escape, from her childhood as an orphan to her education at the cruel charity school to which she was consigned, she realizes that she must return to Thornfield – to secure her own future, and to come to terms with the terrible secret Rochester had hoped to hide from her forever…
Release Date: March 11, 2011 (select cities)
Director: Cary Fukunaga (“Sin Nombre”)
Writers: Moira Buffini (“Tamara Drewe”); Based on the novel by Charlotte Brontë
Cast: Mia Wasikowska, Michael Fassbender, Jamie Bell, Holliday Grainger, Sally Hawkins, Tamzin Merchant, Imogen Poots, Judi Dench
MPAA Rating: PG-13
One Day (third quarter of 2011)
Synopsis: Adapted from the internationally praised bestselling novel, One Day charts an extraordinary relationship. Emma (Academy Award nominee Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess) meet on the night of their college graduation – July 15th, 1988. She is a working-class girl of principle and ambition who dreams of making the world a better place. He is a wealthy charmer who dreams that the world will be his playground.
For the next two decades, every July 15th reveals to us how “Em” and “Dex” are faring, as their friendship ebbs and flows with the passing of the years. Through laughter and romance, heartbreak and exhilaration, they experience the grandeur of life. Somewhere along their journey, these two people realize that what they are searching and hoping for has been there for them all along.
Release Date: 3rd quarter 2011
Director: Lone Scherfig (“An Education,” “Italian For Beginners”)
Writer: David Nicholls; Based on his novel
Cast: Anne Hathaway, Jim Sturgess, Patricia Clarkson, Romola Garai, Jamie Sives, Rafe Spall, Ken Stott, Jodie Whittaker

by Dave Trumbore    Posted: December 20th, 2010

The Black Death is spreading to American shores with the premiere of a red band trailer. The film, starring Sean Bean (Lord of the Rings), is set during the first outbreak of the bubonic plague in 14th century England. Bean plays a knight, Ulric, who is tasked with discovering the secret of a small group of villagers who can resist the plague’s effects. He is guided by a young monk, played by Eddie Redmayne (The Other Boleyn Girl). Black Death also stars David Warner (TRON) and Carice van Houten (Valkyrie), directed by Christopher Smith (Severance).
If you were a fan of fellow LotR alum Karl Urban’s brutal Viking saga Pathfinder, you’re sure to love the Dark Ages violence of Black Death. Hit the jump for the red-band trailer and full synopsis.
Though Black Death was released this past summer in the UK, it will be available stateside On Demand February 4, 2011 and in theaters March 11, 2011.  Via Hulu:
The year is 1348. Europe has fallen under the shadow of the Black Death. As the plague decimates all in its path, fear and superstition are rife. In this apocalyptic environment, the church is losing its grip on the people. There are rumors of a village, hidden in marshland that the plague cannot reach. There is even talk of a necromancer who leads the village and is able to bring the dead back to life. Ulric (Sean Bean), a fearsome knight, is charged by the church to investigate these rumors. He enlists the guidance of a novice monk, Osmund (Eddie Redmayne) to lead him and his band of mercenary soldiers to the marshland, but Osmund has other motives for leaving his monastery. Their journey to the village and events that unfold take them into the heart of darkness and to horrors that will put Osmund’s faith in himself and his love for God to the ultimate test.

First Images from THE LADY Starring Michelle Yeoh

by Brendan Bettinger    Posted: December 20th, 2010

Director Luc Besson has nearly finished filming on the biopic The Lady (née Into the Light) — today brings the first stills from the production.  Michelle Yeoh portrays Aung San Suu Kyi, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and pro-democracy icon; David Thewlis plays her academic husband, Dr. Michael Aris.  Suu Kyi led the opposition against the Burmese military junta that arrested her in 1989, and spent 15 years of the last 21 years under house arrest.  The film’s title is how the population referred to Suu Kyi (“The Lady”) once Burmese officials banned the utterance of her name.
Suu Kyi was finally freed this November, which gave Yeoh the chance to meet the woman she will play on screen.  Hit the jump to hear Yeoh’s thoughts on the encounter and see the images.
Yeoh told The Guardian:aung_san_suu_kyi_01
“The first thing we did is hug and I thought you are really skinny, man. One of the first things she said was ‘why doesn’t the BBC world service have more music?’
You feel a real sense of calm when you’re with her. She’s a very striking figure. She is so proud of her culture and the best way to show it is with dignity and elegance. She has a glow and an aura about her.”
Besson deemed Suu Kyi “more of a heroine than Joan of Arc.”  The director elaborates on what compelled him to tell her story:
“It is the fight of a woman without any weapons, just her kindness and her mentality. [Suu Kyi] is very Gandhi like.
She says we should have the right to decide our future, we should have the right to express ourselves. She is asking for things we all have and don’t even think about any more.
How often in history do you have a person, a woman, who never curses, never steals anything, never does anything illegal and you put her under house arrest for 24 years, it is just insane.”
Novelist and screenwriter Rebecca Frayn wrote the script.  The Lady opens in 1988, the year Suu Kyi returned to Burma to attend to her sick mother, and closes in 1999, the year Aris died of cancer.

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