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1 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

***Bryan Singer Testing Actors for JACK THE GIANT KILLER, Including Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Hoult ***Screenwriter Peter Craig to Adapt FATHERS AND GUNS ***Christopher Nolan Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, INCEPTION Videogame; Confirms This Is “the Last Chapter of Our Batman Saga”

Bryan Singer Testing Actors for JACK THE GIANT KILLER, Including Aaron Johnson and Nicholas Hoult

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: November 30th, 2010

Last we heard, New Line had greenlit Jack the Giant Killer from director Bryan Singer, who was in the early stages of casting. Singer has narrowed his casting list down, and is set to start screen testing a number of actors for both the male and female lead in the adventure film that finds the aptly-named Jack attempting to rescue a princess from giants.  Heat Vision reports that Aaron Johnson (Kick-Ass), Nicholas Hoult (A Single Man), and Aneurin Barnard have been asked to come in and test for the title role. Johnson has long been thought to be the frontrunner for the role, and his Kick-Ass director Matthew Vaughn has recently been working closely with Singer on X-Men: First Class. Funnily enough, Hoult is currently filming his role as Beast in X-Men: First Class. Barnard is a relative newcomer, best known for his performance in the West End production of Spring Awakening.
Actresses considered for the role of the princess include Adelaide Kane (Power Rangers: RPM), Lily Collins (The Blind Side), and Juno Temple (Greenberg). Screen tests are set to take place in London in the next two weeks. For more on the project, hit the jump.
Even though I think Johnson is a fine actor, I like that Singer is screen testing for the role. It shows that he’s serious about finding the right person for the project, and not just going with who he has the closest ties to. If that person happens to be Johnson, I have no doubt he’ll knock the role out of the park. That guy definitely has a big career ahead of him.
Jack the Giant Killer has been in the works for quite a while now.  Singer was originally going to direct the film before he helmed X-Men: First Class, but when it was clear that the CGI-heavy flick needed a lot more time and attention, he decided to simply produce the X-Men prequel instead of directing.  Christopher McQuarrie (The Usual Suspects) has been fine-tuning the script while Singer has been busy pre-vising and working on the visual effects of the film. Apparently he wants the effects as finished as possible before he starts filming so he can see the actors interact with the CGI giants in the live-action portions of the film.  Production on the New Line Cinema/Legendary Pictures film is set to begin in March.

Screenwriter Peter Craig to Adapt FATHERS AND GUNS

by Laura Kelley    Posted: November 30th, 2010

The Town screenwriter Peter Craig is set to adapt the French-Canadian film Fathers and Guns for Columbia.  Fathers and Guns is the story of a father and son who are cops sent to investigate an outdoor adventure group.  The film is being produced and developed by Kathleen Kennedy and Frank Marshall.  The original film was a huge hit in Quebec in summer 2009, earning more than $10 million.  Denise Robert and the original’s writer and director Emile Gaudreault will also produce Columbia’s reboot.  Screenwriter Craig is also currently at work on Bad Boys 3 for Sony. via Variety

Christopher Nolan Talks THE DARK KNIGHT RISES, INCEPTION Videogame; Confirms This Is “the Last Chapter of Our Batman Saga”

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: November 30th, 2010

With Inception hitting Blu-ray and DVD next week, director Christopher Nolan has been doing the press rounds recently and, of course, all anyone wants to talk about is The Dark Knight Rises.  While talking to EW, Nolan confirmed what we’ve all known for quite a while, calling The Dark Knight Rises “the last chapter of our Batman saga.”  More interestingly, though, was Nolan’s response when asked if any part of him wished he were taking on another original script instead of diving back into the Batman franchise:
“No, it’s exactly the opposite. I feel very glad that I’m doing another Batman film. I think it would have been daunting to sit down and write an original script after Inception. I love working within the realm and rules of our Batman world. It’s kind of nice to have someplace to go that I’m super-excited about.”
Another choice quote from Nolan, which makes me very happy, was in addressing the freedom he’s been granted on this final installment of the Batman franchise given Inception’s massive success, “I must say that I’m glad — I’m very, very glad — to be embarking on the last chapter of our Batman saga without any sense of obligation or duty to the studio. They did very well with Inception. So I’m able to go into finishing our story in a very enthusiastic way.”  For more from Nolan, including info on that Inception videogame and his response to sequel rumors, hit the jump.

Regarding the videogame, Nolan is apparently “developing the game with a team of collaborators and [it’s] a long-term proposition.” So, we don’t know exactly when we’ll get to check it out, but it’s pretty much guaranteed to be kick-ass.  He was also asked about the possibility of a sequel to Inception, to which he responded, “it’s not something I want to say no to, but it’s not something I’ve given a lot of thought about.”
I find this promising, as I’d much rather see Nolan move onto another original project or new adaptation post-Batman than return to Inception. It just seems like the type of film that would be soiled by the mere existence of a sequel—it’s a damn fine work of art and deserves to stand alone.
When asked whether the top at the end of the film was, in fact, still spinning, Nolan laughed the question off. “I’ve been asked the question more times than I’ve ever been asked any other question about any other film I’ve made…What’s funny to me is that people really do expect me to answer it.” Though he doesn’t answer that question directly, Nolan did recently sit down and explain a good deal of the film (or at least much more than was expected from a man so secretive about his projects). The Dark Knight Rises is set to start filming early next year, with a release date positioned for July 20, 2012.
Expect a lot more news on The Dark Knight Rises as casting should be in full swing soon.

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