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17 Kasım 2010 Çarşamba

***Michelle Monaghan Covers 'Women's Health' December 2010 ***Miranda Kerr: Baby Bump for Vogue Australia Cover! ***James Franco Covers 'GQ' December 2010 ***Taylor Swift Covers 'Allure' December 2010

Michelle Monaghan Covers 'Women's Health' December 2010

Michelle Monaghan Covers 'Women's Health' December 2010
Michelle Monaghan sparkles in a Blugirl by Blumarine dress on the cover of Women’s Health magazine’s December 2010 issue!
Here’s what the 34-year-old Due Date actress had to share:
On co-star Jake Gyllenhaal in 2011’s Source Code : “I learned a lot about health and fitness from him. Every day we were filming in Montreal, we ate at a raw-food restaurant. He also put me on to almond butter.”
On her transition into Hollywood: “You’re this young woman from small-town Iowa, and suddenly you’re kissing movie stars. Gosh, it’s a tough job!”
On being a working mom: “On my kitchen counter sits a KitchenAid mixer, a potty seat, and a small pile of scripts…That pretty much sums it up. I’m a homemaker, a potty trainer, and a part-time pretender.”
For more from Michelle, visit!
Bigger pics inside…

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Miranda Kerr: Baby Bump for Vogue Australia Cover!

Miranda Kerr: Baby Bump for Vogue Australia Cover!
Miranda Kerr shows off her baby bump as she rocks an Alex Perry dress on the cover of Vogue Australia’s January 2010 issue, on newsstands Wednesday, December 1!
The 27-year-old model is expecting her first child with hubby Orlando Bloom early next year.
“It was an honor to shoot the first ever pregnancy cover for Australian Vogue,” Miranda told Australia’s Herald Sun.
“I’m definitely taking more time out to relax and be present to the whole experience of being pregnant,” she added.
Bigger cover pic inside…

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James Franco Covers 'GQ' December 2010

James Franco Covers 'GQ' December 2010
James Franco is red hot on the December 2010 cover of GQ Magazine, on stands everywhere November 23rd.
The 32-year-old actor is crowned Leading Man while the other Men of the Year covers include Drake (Breakout Star), Jeff Bridges (Icon), and Stephen Colbert (Patriot). Scarlett Johansson also has her own cover as Babe of the Year.
In the M.O.T.Y. issue, James talks about taking a class with Michael Warner, one of the founders of queer theory. “Basically it’s a wide-reaching approach to whatever—literature, life, politics. It is on the most basic level an anti-normative approach to all of these subjects,” James explains. “One approach to things might be to classify
everything as ‘This is straight, this is gay; this is Republican, this is Democrat,’ whatever. The queer approach is to complicate all of that and see the way all of these different things are intermingled and connected.”
WHAT’S YOUR TAKE on the queer theory? Believe in it?

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Taylor Swift Covers 'Allure' December 2010

Taylor Swift Covers 'Allure' December 2010
Taylor Swift shows off her baby blues on the cover of Allure magazine’s December 2010 issue!
Here’s what the 20-year-old country cutie had to share:
On how she used to give bad relationship advice: “Like, the best way to get a guy to like you would be to actively ignore him. I was filled with advice! I’d tell my friends things like, Don’t accept that apology! That isn’t sincere! Or He hung out with his ex-girlfriend? Get rid of him. But love is never that simple. Now I’m finally getting the idea it’s the one thing I don’t need to have a strategy for. I can only write the material I know, which is what happens to me.”
On how she told Allure in a 2009 interview the artist she’d most like to work with is Kanye West: “I forgot about that! Oh, wow! That’s…wow, that’s eerie, isn’t it?”
On Justin Bieber: “He’s sweet and awesome, and it’s, like, fascinating how charismatic he is. So genuine, I’ll join his fan club.”
For more from Taylor, including an exclusive behind-the-scenes interview, visit!
Bigger cover pic inside…

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