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14 Kasım 2010 Pazar

***First Promo Image and Official Synopsis for THERESE D Starring Audrey Tautou ***Carl Erik Rinsch’s 47 RONIN Starring Keanu Reeves Gets a November 21, 2012 Release Date; LOGAN’S RUN Searching for a New Director ***Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'Belle' Kiss with Natalia Vodianova

First Promo Image and Official Synopsis for THERESE D Starring Audrey Tautou

by Adam Chitwood    Posted: November 13th, 2010

The American Film Market (AFM) debuted a slew of new images and synopses from upcoming films, including one of  French actress Audrey Tautou’s new film. Best known for her starring role in 2001’s Amélie, Tautou will next be seen in the remake of the 1962 French film Thérèse Desqueyroux and it’ll be called Therese D.  The original was itself based upon the novel of the same name by author and Nobel Prize Laureate François Mauriac.  The remake is directed by French filmmaker Claude Miller (The Little Theif) and centers on a woman trapped in a disappointing marriage who tries to reclaim her freedom by any means. Hit the jump to check out the first image promo and official synopsis.

Here’s the synopsis for Therese D (Thérèse Desqueyroux):
France, late 1920’s. Lovely and free-spirited, Thérèse marries her neighbor Bernard Desqueyroux, thus joining their respective properties in one vast estate. Bernard tolerates his brilliant, passionate young wife’s strong character and opinions, but she soon finds herself suffocated by the boredom of her provincial life and her husband’s intellectual mediocrity. She dreams of Paris, longs for stimulation and culture and, despite herself, starts to seek a way out. Until the day Bernard gets intoxicated with deadly arsenic… What starts as a mistake turns into an attempt to poison him. Thérèse is found out and, in addition to being disgraced in both her own and her husband’s families, she must face justice for her attempted murder.
The heartbraking torment of an astonishing and superb character, played by French star Audrey Tautou.
Here’s the image.  Therese D shoots next year.

Carl Erik Rinsch’s 47 RONIN Starring Keanu Reeves Gets a November 21, 2012 Release Date; LOGAN’S RUN Searching for a New Director

by Ben Garman    Posted: November 13th, 2010

Carl Rinsch’s first feature film, 47 Ronin, starring Keanu Reeves, has been given the green light by Universal and a release date: November 21st, 2012.  THR reports due to the green light, Rinsch has stepped down from Logan’s Run, the sci-fi feature he was previously set to direct, leaving the spot ready for another to claim. It’s unfortunate as Warner Bros. has had scant success securing a director to remake the film, but Rinsch feels he needs to prioritise and redirect his time and focus to ensure that 47 Ronin is a success.
The legend of the 47 Ronin is based on the true story of a group of samurai who avenged the forced, ritual suicide of their master back in 1702.  The leaderless samurai, or Ronin, plotted revenge for nearly a year before murdering the court officials who brought shame on their master and were rewarded by a big helping of their own forced, ritual suicide.
Hit the jump for more on the struggle to revive Logan’s Run.

logans_run_movie_posterSince 1994, Warner Bros. have been really pushing for a remake of the academy award-winning cult hit Logan’s Run, although despite three directors joining the effort – Robert Schwenke, James McTeigue and Joseph Kosinski – none followed it through to fruition. Rinsch was the latest to rekindle hope, but it was never going to last, as Collider’s Matt Goldberg anticipated way back in May, observing that Rinsch had a full plate already. Rinsch has been hot stuff since he caused an excited stir with his fantastic sci-fi short The Gift earlier this year.
Logan’s Run is about a futuristic society that executes everyone as they reach the age of thirty in order to prevent overpopulation. The story follows the flight of Logan 5, a character on the run from the fatal deadline. However, with no word yet on who will step up to fill Rinsch’s recently vacated shoes, it looks like the film is back in limbo as it has been for the past few decades.
For details on Logan’s Run straight from the horses mouth, see our interview with producer Joel Silver back in May, who filled us in on progress at that time.
Carl Rinsch is also on board with Universal for a remake of Creature from the Black Lagoon, yet another movie that has struggled to acquire and keep a director. Time will tell if Rinsch is the man for the job.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'Belle' Kiss with Natalia Vodianova

Jonathan Rhys Meyers: 'Belle' Kiss with Natalia Vodianova
Jonathan Rhys Meyers suits up while filming scenes for his upcoming drama, Belle du Seigneur, with Natalia Vodianova on Tuesday (November 9) in Camogli, Italy.
The Irish actor, 33, and Russian model, 28, were spotted shooting two kissing scenes, including one where they were both on horses!
The flick is the English adaptation of Albert Cohen’s epic French tale of a tortured love affair between a high-ranking Jewish official and the Protestant wife of one of his employees.
10+ pictures inside of Jonathan Rhys Meyers and Natalia Vodianova filming Belle du Seigneur in Italy…

Read more:

Darren Aronofsky confirms a new title for 'Wolverine 2'

Published on Saturday, Nov 13, 2010 9:15 PM Drew McWeeny
Earlier today, I sat down at the W Hotel in Hollywood to talk with Darren Aronofsky and Natalie Portman about their new film, "Black Swan," and we'll have those conversations here for you in the week before the film opens.

For now, though, there's one tidbit worth passing along from our conversation.  When Aronofsky was settling in for the interview, I mentioned to him that I had run into Matty Libatique the other night, and Aronofsky smiled.  "I saw that."  He offered up one correction to the information that we've run on the film so far, though, and as far as I can tell, this is the first time I've heard this.

The film that he's directing is officially called "The Wolverine," and there won't be a number attached to it.  In our interview, he referred to the movie as a "one-off," and he emphasized that the film isn't a sequel in any conventional sense.

It's an interesting move, and it certainly separates this from Gavin Hood's movie, and from the larger "X-Men" franchise in general.  Between this film and Matthew Vaughn's "X-Men: First Class," it sounds like any rules we've got in mind about these films and what to expect based on the first four films in the franchise are out the window.

Frankly, I like that.  Comics have always made room for different artists and writers to take these icons and bend and twist them and try different things with them, so why shouldn't the films be the same way?

We'll have more on "The Wolverine" and "Black Swan" for you soon here on HitFix.

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