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13 Kasım 2010 Cumartesi

***Angela Lansbury To Play Katherine Heigl's Daughter ***Christina Aguilera: 'Express' Video Preview from Burlesque! ***Christina Aguilera: 'Burlesque' Hits Theaters November 24! ***Channing Tatum: '21 Jump Street' Bound? ***Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Harry Potter' Premiere Back Door!

Angela Lansbury To Play Katherine Heigl's Daughter

Angela Lansbury To Play Katherine Heigl's Daughter
Angela Lansbury will be playing the daughter to Katherine Heigl’s character in the upcoming flick Adaline… really.
In the pic, Katherine plays the title character, who was killed in a car accident, until a simultaneous lightning strike brought her back to life and physiologically locked her in her late 20s, according to Deadline.
Adaline “lives a solitary existence until she meets a man worth losing her immortality to grow old with.”
Angela will play Adaline’s daughter, who needs her mother’s care as her health declines.
WHAT DO YOU THINK about Angela Lansbury playing Katherine Heigl’s daughter?

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Christina Aguilera: 'Express' Video Preview from Burlesque!

Christina Aguilera: 'Express' Video Preview from Burlesque!
Check out Christina Aguilera singing the song “Express” in this video preview from the upcoming movie musical Burlesque.
The 29-year-old singer taped an interview with Chelsea Handler on Wednesday (November 9) for the Chelsea Lately special, which will air on November 22nd.
Christina will be receiving a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this Monday (November 15). Check out the ceremony on Hollywood Boulevard in front of Hard Rock Cafe at 11:30am!

Christina Aguilera: ‘Express’ Video Preview

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Christina Aguilera: 'Burlesque' Hits Theaters November 24!

Christina Aguilera: 'Burlesque' Hits Theaters November 24!
Love Musicals? ‘Burlesque’ is the Perfect Film For You!
Whether it’s Glee or Dancing with the Stars it seems like all of Hollywood has caught the musical bug.
Here at, we can’t get enough of stars singing and dancing, so we’ve been waiting anxiously for Burlesque to hit the big screen!
The film, which stars Cher and Christina Aguilera, is all about Ali, a small town girl with big dreams. Ali follows her dreams to Hollywood and becomes a hit sensation!
Original music… glitzy costumes… hot dance numbers and Cher - what more could you ask for?!
If you haven’t already, check out the trailer here. Burlesque is in theaters this Thanksgiving!

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Channing Tatum: '21 Jump Street' Bound?

Channing Tatum: '21 Jump Street' Bound?
Channing Tatum goes to pick up his car on Monday (November 8) in West Hollywood.
The 30-year-old actor chatted with the valet attendant before going to his car and running other errands.
Deadline reports that Chan is at the top of the list to star in a movie version of 21 Jump Street!
Chan would star opposite Jonah Hill in the movie, which would begin filming in the spring.

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Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Harry Potter' Premiere Back Door!

Jake Gyllenhaal: 'Harry Potter' Premiere Back Door!
Jake Gyllenhaal dons a Burberry suit as he sneaks into the back door at the premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1 on Thursday (November 11) in London.
The 29-year-old actor is in town to promote his flick Love and Other Drugs with his co-star Anne Hathaway.
The Harry Potter stars Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint all walked the red carpet at the premiere of their film, which hits theaters next Friday (November 19)!
Jake’s movie Love and Other Drugs will open just a few days later on November 24th.
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