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21 Ekim 2010 Perşembe

***Elizabeth Banks Covers 'Self' November 2010 ***Katie Holmes Wears A Big Bathrobe ***Carey Mulligan & Ryan Gosling: Blood And Tears ***Single Carey Mulligan Has Hot Ryan Gosling's Shoulder to Lean On

Elizabeth Banks Covers 'Self' November 2010

Elizabeth Banks Covers 'Self' November 2010
Elizabeth Banks is cozy in a Michael Kors sweater on the cover of Self magazine’s November 2010 issue!
Here’s what the 36-year-old Next Three Days actress had to share:
On always wanting to continue learning: “I relish learning. I am a voracious reader and also really value hands-on experiences. In my new film, I play a woman who is accused of murder and jailed. So to prepare for the role, I read a lot about the penal system and I visited a prison. I was locked in a cell for three minutes, at which point I wanted to cry. That was long enough for me! I have a good idea now of what Lindsay Lohan went through! But really, whatever I’m involved in, whether it’s for a role or my interest in nature, I like educating myself.”
On being more conscious of her habits: “[Husband Max Handelman] and I have cut out other things, like cable channels, because we’d rather spend money on good food. We’re just trying to think more about the cycle of life we’re part of. It also goes back to your real-life experiences. McDonald’s hamburgers might be delicious in my mouth, but my real-life experience is that they make my belly hurt. I already didn’t eat them that often, and now I know more about how things are processed. If they don’t make me feel great, why would I bother eating them?”
On doing her part to consume less: “I’m no scientist, but it’s clear to me we’re putting too much pressure on the earth. So we are trying to consume less. I bring my own bags to the grocery store. I buy in bulk whenever I can, so there’s less packaging. We got rid of our pool heater. I still have a car, but I walk everywhere I can.”

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Katie Holmes Wears A Big Bathrobe

Katie Holmes Wears A Big Bathrobe
Katie Holmes stays under an umbrella as she returns to her trailer, wearing a white bathrobe on the set of latest movie Jack And Jill on Tuesday (October 19) in Los Angeles.
The 31-year-old actress was covering up her red dress that she was wearing while she was shooting scenes for the movie.
Tom Cruise is currently in Prague working on his new movie Mission: Impossible IV while she and daughter Suri stay in Los Angeles.
15+ pictures inside of Katie Holmes wearing a big bathrobe…
Wed, 20 October 2010

Carey Mulligan & Ryan Gosling: Blood And Tears

Carey Mulligan & Ryan Gosling: Blood And Tears
Ryan Gosling gets all bloodied as he leaves the makeup trailer for his new action movie Drive filming in Los Angeles on Tuesday (October 19).
On the set, the 29-year-old actor was joined by Carey Mulligan who also stars in the new film about a Hollywood stunt driver who gets involved as a getaway heist wheelman.
Recently it was announced that Carey will be honored in the upcoming 2011 Palm Springs International Film Festival on January 8th. According to THR, she’ll receive an award for her breakthrough performance in Never Let Me Go and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps.
FYI: Carey is wearing Textile jeans and Cami boots, both by Elizabeth and James.

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Carey Mulligan joined Ryan Gosling once again on the LA set of Drive yesterday. She fortunately has Ryan for company after reportedly splitting from her boyfriend and Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps costar Shia LaBeouf, and many of you seem surprised by their breakup. Shia has been occupied shooting Transformers 3 in Washington DC, and Carey's staying focused on her own filming after traveling to promote her thought-provoking movie, Never Let Me Go. Ryan, though, held down the fort for Carey while she was away, as he stayed behind to flaunt his impressive arms during solo scenes.

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